Sony 2011 Tablet Articles

Popular Sony Articles for 2011

Sony to Release Clamshell S2 and Slider VAIO Tablet PC

Sony looks to be taking tips from both Nintendo and Samsung, with a clamshell, dual-screen device and a slider tablet PC due later this year.

Sony Tablet S and P Hands-On: Innovative Powerhouses

We got to spend some hands-on time with the highly unusual Tablet S and Tablet P from Sony at IFA this year, and with a few exceptions, Sony looks ready[...]

Sony Announces S1 and S2 Android Tablets

Sony is finally in the tablet game as the Japanese electronics giant announced two Honeycomb tablets, each sporting a unique design twist.

Samsung Heads to IFA with New Galaxy Tab and a Mystery Device

The biggest consumer electronics trade show in Europe, IFA, will open its doors in Berlin on September 2. Samsung is expected to lead with a new Galaxy Tab and the[...]

Tablet News Bits: Tablet Sales Lag, Sony Preps New eReader, No Win Phone 7 on Tablets

With so many stories in the tabletshpere, some are overlooked. Here are some of the biggest little stories from the industry this week, which include lagging tablet sales in Q1,[...]

Tablet News Bits: HTC and Sony Tablet Screens Leak, Pierre Cardin’s Fashionable Tablet

While HP was slashing tablet prices, other news broke, such as Twitter creating an HTML5-based site for the iPad, Pierre Cardin offering an absurdly expensive Android tablet, and leaked screenshots[...]

Sony Teases S1 and S2 in Unique Promo

Sony's gone a different direction with its first two tablets, creating devices that deviate from the accepted norm. Matching the uniqueness of the tablets is the first in a line[...]

Sony S1 and S2 Android Tablets Caught on Video, Again

It seems Sony is making a habit of teasing the S1 and S2 Android tablets, first by releasing an artsy demo video with a Rube Goldberg aesthetic, and then by[...]

Sony Unveils Tablet S and P, Pricing and Specifics Revealed

Sony has finally unveiled details of specifics and pricing for its unique Honeycomb tablets, the Sony Tablet S and Tablet P.

German Website Spots Sony S1 and S2 Tablets in the Wild

If press shots and teaser videos somehow weren't enough to prove the existence of the Sony S1 and dual-screen S2 tablets to you, there's good news: they have been spotted[...]

eReader News Round Up: B&N Newsstand a Hit, Sony and Plastic Logic Make News

It's been a busy week for eReaders, as Barnes and Noble NOOKnewsstand showed potential, Sony delivered on a promise, an intriguing slate came out of the woodwork, and Russia put[...]

Sony Announces World’s Lightest eReader

Sony has revealed a 6-inch eReader, which the company boasts to be the lightest digital reader yet, weighing 5.9 ounces.

Tablet News Bits: In Memory of webOS

The TouchPad may be dead, but the tablet market goes on. In the wake of the HP TouchPad's untimely demise, other stories concerning tablets from Sony, Lenovo and HTC were[...]

Sony S1 and/or S2 Taking a Late Summer Trip to Europe?

We last saw the Sony S1 crawling its way through the pipelines of the FCC, and while its presence there implied it might be well on its way to release,[...]

Apple Removes Sony Reader App from Store

Apple continues to tighten its grip on the app market, as it was revealed today that the Reader application from Sony would no longer be available in the App Store.

Sony Working on PlayStation-VAIO-Bravia-Honeycomb Tablet?

Now that HTC has gotten into the tablet game, Sony stands as one of the last major electronics makers without a tablet. And aside from rumors, FCC filings and comments[...]

Sony Launching Honeycomb Tablet This Summer

Sony's CEO Howard Stringer recently told one of Japan's biggest newspapers that the electronics giant planned to have an Android tablet ready to ship by the end of summer.

Sony Set to Reveal the Android Tablet S in September

After a summer of details-free teaser videos, Sony is finally ready to reveal its S1 Android tablet. The official name of the device will be...

Sony S1 Shows Up in FCC Channels

Sony officially announced two tablets, the S1 and S2, back in April. It turns out the S1 is currently moving through the pipelines of the FCC, as Sony seeks to[...]

Sony S2 Android Tablet Coming to AT&T

The Sony S2 Android tablet is coming to AT&T HSPA+ network, and despite not making its way to AT&T?s upcoming LTE network, the carrier is still calling it a 4G[...]