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Google Android 4.1 vs. Apple iOS 6: Head to Head

We take a hands-on look at the latest operating systems from Apple and Google, comparing them feature by feature. Good reading for those trying to pick their first tablet.

Skype 3.0 for Android Review

Beyond a tablet-optimized design, Skype 3.0 is touted as bringing much better sound quality, among other things. How good are these claims? Read the full review.

Google Loses in Samsung vs. Apple Lawsuit

Samsung is the obvious loser in its patent lawsuit with Apple, although Google and its Android OS, as well as tablets, may also be in the line of fire. [...]

VIDEO: Windows 8 Preview – Top Features & Functions

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is finally available! TechnologyGuide Chief Editor Jamison Cush provides a look at some of the key features.

FileMaker Updates iPad Edition of Bento Personal Database

FileMaker, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, has released three new editions of its Bento personal database for consumers and SMBs, including a major redesign of Bento for iPad.

Microsoft Windows RT: Known and Unknown

With the countdown on for Windows RT tablets, and a lot of details still on the way, what's known at this point about Microsoft's OS, and what's hanging in the[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook and Apple iPad Found Safest for Enterprise Use

There's no denying that tablets have become an integral part of many people's lives. Yet, as more business adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approaches for employees, a new study takes a look[...]

Apple iOS 6 Makes iPad Users More Productive

Many people use an iPad instead of a bulkier laptop The new version of Apple's operating system offers a number of improvements for this group.

Four Samsung Tablets to Receive Android 4.1 Update

Samsung announced today that four of its tablets (as well as 11 of its smartphones) will be receiving updates to Google Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean.

Google Unveils the Faster and Feature-Packed Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)

At Google I/O 2012, Google announced Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, a new edition of Android which will include a smoother UI and Siri-like Q&As, among many other features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Starting to Get Android 4.1 Upgrade

Samsung promised an upgrade to Android 4.1 for its Galaxy Note 10.1, and this is reportedly starting to go out.

Macworld 2012 Recap: iPad Apps and Accessories

The recent Macworld/iWorld convention in San Francisco had no shortage of apps and accessories for Apple's iPad and iPhone, but there were also informative TechTalk sessions, too. Here are some[...]

Android 4.1.2 Update Gives Google Nexus 7 a Landscape Homescreen

Google Nexus 7 owners have started to report getting access to Android 4.1.2, a moderate upgrade that brings one significant new feature to this tablet: a landscape-oriented homescreen.

Microsoft Sheds More Light on Windows RT Tablets

In a recent blog post, Microsoft has clarified that Windows RT has been released to device manufacturers, as well as spelled out which companies will be making Windows 8 RT[...]

NBC Olympic Live Extra App Offers Multiple Ways to Watch the London 2012 Games

Whether it's through your tablet, computer, or smartphone NBC has a free option that offers 24/7 live and on-demand coverage of this year's Olympic Games.

Apple iOS 6 Upgrade Going Out to the iPad Now

Users of the second- and third-generation iPad can now upgrade their devices to the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system -- iOS 6 is available for download

iPads and Smartphones Sparking ‘Massive Growth’ in Web Site Page Views

Maybe it's the big, bright screen, but Apple iPad users spend much more time consuming Web site content than smartphone users do, said speakers at Ignition West.

Court Rules Samsung Galaxy Tab Does Not Infringe on the Design for the iPad

The ruling has been handed down in the monumental patent-infringement lawsuit between Apple and Samsung. For the most part the U.S. court ruled in Apple's favor, but not when it[...]

Samsung Nexus 10 Could Launch Next Week

The list of products that Google is going to unveil at a press event next week have leaked out. The highlight of the show is reportedly going to be a[...]

Apple Share of Tablet Market to Drop Slightly, but Global Shipments Continue to Grow

As tablets continue to grow in popularity, research firm IDC has raised its forecast for 2012, expecting shipments of the mobile devices to reach 122.3 million units, while also predicting[...]