Wacom 2016 Tablet Articles

Popular Wacom Articles for 2016

Active Pen Technology Explained: Wacom vs N-trig

Wacom and N-trig are biggest names in active pen technology. Using a stylus to take notes or doodle on a Windows or Android device?Chances are you’re using one or the[...]

AES vs EMR: Active Pen Technology Explained

While Wacom and N-trig are the companies, there are two main digitizer technologies: AES and EMR. What's the difference, and what's it mean for artists?

Huawei MatePen Review

The Huawei MatePen is an active stylus that enables MateBook note taking and sketching. We test this accessory to see if it's worth its $69 price.

Initial Activation Force, Universal Stylus Initiative, And the Future of Active Pen Technology

What is Initial Activation Force? What is the Universal Stylus Initiative? And why are digital artists hopeful for the future of active styluses?

Wacom MobileStudio Pro Tablets Take High-End Digital Artists on the Go

The 13- and 16-inch MobileStudio Pro tablets sport Windows 10 and cutting-edge specs, and are designed to allow digital artists to create from almost anywhere.