Windows 2006 Tablet Articles

Popular Windows Articles for 2006

Samsung Q1 — First Thoughts Review

The Samsung Q1 is the first in a new breed of mobile computing dubbed UMPC, ultra mobile PC. The idea behind the UMPC is nothing new, but with a little[...]

Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC – Our Full Review (pics, specs)

The Samsung Q1 UMPC can best be described as a miniature, scaled-down Tablet PC. This device is the first release of a collection of devices based on Microsoft's Origami Project.[...]

Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 – Free Download

Are you anxiously awaiting the release of the upcoming Office 2007? If you are up for it, you can experience the brand new interface and features today for free! Microsoft[...]

New Tablet PC = Free Windows Vista Upgrade?

Recent stories have circulated in the news that Microsoft plans to boost holiday PC sales by including a Windows Vista upgrade coupon "in the box" with new PCs. Details today[...]

News – UMPC, Origami Outshine the Tablet PC? No, but We’ll Sicken You with the Latest!

Microsoft Guide: How to Buy a UMPC First Look at the Tablet Kiosk V-700 Ultra-Mobile PC Agilix Supports GoBinder for UMPC Platform

News – Toshiba M400 Tablet PC on Website,OneNote 12 Preview, Kama Sutra Worm

Toshiba M400 Tablet PC on Toshiba French Website (confirmed specs) Sign Up for the Microsoft OneNote 12 Public Preview Kama Sutra Worm Plagues over One Million Computers

Tablet PC Expert Zone Chat – Select Questions and Answers

Read up on selected questions and answers from yesterday's Microsoft Tablet PC Expert Zone Chat (with a bit of extra banter from us)...

Motion Tablet PC’s Spotted at TechEd 2006 in Boston (pics)

Our very own Brian is in Boston attending Microsoft's TechEd in Boston. Here we have some photos of the new Motion LE1600TS Tablet PC...

News – Cingular-Enabled Lenovo ThinkPad, Sprint/Nextel WiMAX Nationwide, Microsoft’s August IE Patch Flawed

Cingular-Enabled Lenovo ThinkPad Announced Sprint/Nextel to Rollout WiMAX Nationwide Microsoft's August IE Patch Flawed

News – One Tablet PC Per Child, Microsoft Windows XP Hibernate Issue Fix, TabletKiosk Adds to UMPC Lineup

One Tablet PC Per Child Microsoft Windows XP Hibernate Issue Fix TabletKiosk Adds to UMPC Lineup

News – Vista Lockdown,Vista Upgrade Coupon Stocking Stuffers, Security Vendors Criticize Microsoft Secrecy

Vista Lockdown: "We will let you use your browser for an hour..." Vista Upgrade Coupon Stocking Stuffers Security Vendors Criticize Microsoft Secrecy

Windows Defender Beta 2 – Not Ready for Tablet PC Primetime

Microsoft has finally done a makeover for its AntiSpyware Beta 2. Although this "new and improved" interface looks to be a promising evolution of Microsoft's war on spyware, but we[...]

News – VoIP for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, Ultimate Ears Earphones Giveaway, MS Virtual PC for Free

Gizmo VoIP for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Ultimate Ears Earphones Giveaway, Microsoft Virtual PC Now Free for Windows XP

News – Samsung Upgrades Q1 UMPC, iDMX Motion X-Ray on a Tablet PC, Microsoft Re-releases Patch

Samsung Upgrades Q1 UMPC iDMX Motion X-Ray on a Tablet PC Microsoft Re-releases Patch

News – Linda Epstein’s Q1 UMPC Review, Toughbook Tablet PC gets 3G Technology, Microsoft Music Player

Linda Epstein's Samsung Q1 UMPC Review, Panasonic Toughbook Tablet PC gets 3G Technology Microsoft Music Player Answers to iPod

Is it a Tablet PC? Microsoft “Origami” Finally Unfolds

" you see people with their eyes affixed to screens on small computing devices. These devices could be capable of going well beyond the scope of the smart phone, PDA,[...]

News – Crocker on the Thinkpad X60, Field2Base 4.0 for Tablet PC, Microsoft Tablet PC Group “slow moving and disconnected”

Warner Crocker Unique Perspective on the Thinkpad X60 Field2Base 4.0 for Tablet PC Released Part of Microsoft Tablet PC Group "slow moving and disconnected" [...]

News – Vista RC1 Hits the Streets, Tabletize Your F-150, Fujitsu 160GB 2.5 Inch Drive

Microsoft Vista RC1 Hits the Streets Tabletize Your F-150 New Fujitsu 160GB 2.5 Inch Drive

Tablet PC – Technology Deals

$588 off IBM/Lenovo X41 Tablet PC Slingbox - $200 with Free Shipping Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 $32 Kensington PilotMouse Mini Bluetooth - $41.32 Free[...]

Keeping Your Tablet PC in Tip Top Shape with Windows Live OneCare

Microsofts Windows Live OneCare ("OneCare" for short) subscription service is like having your very own "IT guy" to take care of all the essential tasks to help ensure the[...]