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Acer C314 Tablet PC – Our Full Review

"The Acer C314 Tablet PC is in many ways a breath of fresh air. It's not that this model is the Tablet version of Acer's popular "Ferrari" notebook. What makes[...]

Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC – Our Full Review

"The Tecra M4 Tablet PC integrates the advanced features of a tablet with state-of-the-art notebook technology. ...its every aspect is geared toward the optimal mobile experience." Those are some strong[...]

The Intel Celeron M – Performance or Pitfall?

Many "thin and light" Tablet PC's and notebooks are now being offered with either a Pentium M or Celeron M option. Get the real facts about Intel's newest incarnation[...]

Dead Pixels on LCD Screens

LCD screens are generally the most expensive part of a laptop/Tablet PC. They're also the most likely part to contain noticeable flaws in the form of the dreaded dead[...]

Free RAM Upgrade For Your Tablet PC, Notebook or Desktop!

"Chances are that if you have purchased your Tablet PC, notebook or desktop PC from a major manufacturer, your machine is being "robbed" of RAM by the several uneccessary "startup"[...]

APC Universal Notebook Battery Review

Something most notebook owners struggle with is battery life. The bottom line is, for most of us, there's never enough. There are several ways to improve battery life, but the[...]

“Good to the Last Drop!” – Get More Time From Your Tablet PC / Notebook Battery

"Whether you are a long time user of Tablet PC's or Notebook computers, we have a few tips that just might help you squeeze out some good time out of[...]

Notebook (and Tablet PC) Screen Guide

Notebook screens are confusing. If you're confused by the alphabet soup of XGA, SXGA+, WSXGA, UXGA or matte versus glossy screen, what a dead pixel is, or what screen[...]

Crumpler’s The Salary Sacrifice Backpack Review (pics)

Crumpler's The Salary Sacrifice backpack is designed for owners of 12" and under notebooks and tablets who want to add a little flair to their carrying case. It's not hung[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook T4010 Notebook / Tablet PC Review (pics, specs)

The Fujitsu LifeBook T4010 is a Tablet PC notebook convertible device. Fujitsu has more than 60 % of the worldwide Tablet PC market-share and they have been in this[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook B3010D “Touchscreen Notebook” Review (pics, specs)

Fujitsu's cool little B3010D "Touchscreen Notebook" isn't a "true" Tablet PC, But nevertheless packs some great features into a compact and mobile package...

Targus Universal Notebook Docking Station With Video Review (pics)

Review by: Brian Beeler While many notebook buyers are getting large desktop replacement units destined to spend most of their lives on a desk, most of us[...]

Tablet PC News: $100 Tablet PC/Notebook, OneNote Goes Mobile, Pepper Pad is Worst of 2005

Nigerian President Pushes for a $100 Notebook, Tablet PC, E-Book Reader and TV Combo Device OneNote Mobile Extends OneNote to PDAs and Smartphones Pepper Pad Named One of[...]

Guess Who’s Using Gateway Tablet PC’s?!!!

Gateway, the nation's third largest PC company, was selected by the ??? (read up!) to bring convertible notebook technology to one of the nation's most renowned...

“Nuke” Your Hard Drive – Protect Your Assets and Privacy

Getting ready to sell that old notebook or desktop and get yourself a super-cool Tablet PC? ...No matter where your old computer is headed, every activity that[...]

Tablet PC’s to Replace PDA’s? looks as though the Tablet PC is the clear winner for the choice of mobile computing devices. Even when pitted against the almighty PDA and subnotebook options, a[...]

Tablet PC News – Reading with eBooks, Dell Says New Focus Will Cut Into Profit, Tablet PC Sales/Deals

Reading with eBooks Dell Says New Focus Will Cut Into Profit Tablet PC Sales/Deals

Fujitsu Officially Releases Updated T4000 and ST5000 Tablet PC Models

Fujitsu Computer Systems today updated its mobile product portfolio with the enhanced LifeBook T4000 and Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PCs. These innovative Tablet PCs have been redesigned[...]

Review — Sumdex ImpactGuard Notebook Sleeves

Whether you spent $500 or $5000 on your notebook, there are several steps that should be taken to protect your investment. One of the items that should be on your[...]

Wireless Garden StashCard Review (pics)

Have you ever though to yourself, "I really wish I could store a twenty inside my Tablet PC or notebook?" Or maybe you fear for not having a stamp at[...]