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Amazon Kindle Fire Second Look Review: Features and Content

The Amazon Kindle Fire is more than just a low-cost Android tablet. With it comes Amazon's vast content services, including music, eBooks, apps, and video. The question is how much[...]

Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet Review: Better than the Kindle Fire?

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet is a customized Android tablet with a 7-inch display, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and a 1GHz dual core processor. With its new[...]

B&N NOOK Color v1.2 Update Review

Barnes & Noble is calling the NOOK Color the "reader's tablet" due to its latest firmware update. Along with Android 2.2 (Froyo), the NOOK Color now has a dedicated app[...]

EFun Nextbook Next3 Review

EFun's Nextbook Next3 is an Android-powered tablet sporting an 8.4-inch resistive touchscreen that doubles as an LCD eReader complete with Borders eBookstore access. Is the Next3 another sub-par tablet clone,[...]

enTourage Pocket eDGe Review

The Pocket eDGe is a mini Android-based tablet computer with two screens, one 6-inch eInk eBook screen and one 7-inch color LCD touchscreen. Read on to find out if two[...]

Boogie Board E-Writer Tablet Review

In recent years, eReaders have taken the world by storm. These devices claim to replace thousands of books, each stored away inside the gadget's memory banks. E-writers, however,[...]

Tablets Fit for Moms, Dads, and Grads

They may look alike, but tablets are not one-size-fits-all devices. Different tablets have different features that appeal to different users. As such, mom's tablet may not be the best fit[...]

Kindle Fire vs. NOOK Tablet: Which Should Be On Your Holiday Wish List?

This will be the season for tablets, particularly low cost tablets, and both Amazon and B&N are offering a potential Christmas gift for those that can't fit a pricier iPad[...]

Velocity Cruz Micro Review

The Velocity Cruz Micro tablet features a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with Android 2.0, 256MB of RAM, and Wi-Fi wireless networking. It is currently available for $249, with some online stores[...]

Amazon Kindle Touch Review: The Best New eReader

The Kindle Touch is the new flagship Amazon eReader. With no physical keyboard or navigation buttons, the Kindle Touch is the first Amazon eReader to rely exclusively on touch. Find[...]

Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch Reader Review

Barnes & Noble has launched their newest NOOK device, the Simple Touch Reader or the STR, which follows the successful NOOK Color. How does this latest and greatest touchscreen-enabled eReader[...]

New Amazon Kindle Review

The new Amazon Kindle is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than its predecessor (the newly-dubbed 'Kindle Keyboard'). But is that enough for Kindle and NOOK owners to ditch their older[...]

Kindle Fire and NOOK Tablet: The Hidden Cost of Low Cost Tablets

This holiday season, beware the total cost of low cost tablets. Both the Kindle Fire and NOOK Tablet have attractive price points, but both devices rely on streaming content services[...]

What are the Best Cheap Kindle Cases and Lights?

Kindle accessories are too expensive and often cost nearly as much as the eReader. Off-brand options abound, but some are just plain junk. Find out which are the cream of[...]

All-New NOOK eReader First Look

When Barnes & Noble rolled out a potential Kindle killer in the eReader space, TabletPCReview was there at the New York City launch for a hands-on experience with the Android[...]

Aluratek Libre Air eReader Review

Can the Libre Air eReader compete with the Kindle and NOOK? It costs roughly the same as the others, and sports Wi-Fi. It even has access to the online Kobo[...]

What is the Best eReader, A New Kindle or NOOK?

This is the year of the "eBook", simply because eBook reader devices have gotten so inexpensive, finally hitting that sub-$100 mark. But how do you choose a device when there[...]

As eBooks Soar, eReader Battle Hits Full Tilt

With eBooks now flying off the virtual shelves, major sellers like Amazon and B&N are re-inventing themselves in their own ways, while publishers try to cash in on the rising[...]

Kindle Games & Active Content Review

You might not notice that aside from eBooks, the Kindle Store features a selection of games and other fun stuff that run the gamut from classic Monopoly to a Notepad[...]

NOOK Simple Touch Reader First Look

B&N has just launched their newest NOOK device, dubbed the NOOK Simple Touch Reader, or NOOK STR for short. It has a six-inch eInk touchscreen display, Wi-Fi wireless networking, and[...]