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What Are the Best Amazon Kindle Fire Accessories?

Your Amazon Kindle Fire needs accessories. It needs a screen protector to prevent scratches, a case to protect against drops, speakers to get the most out of Netflix and Amazon[...]

LCD vs. eInk: Are eInk Screens Really Better for Your Eyes?

Mom always said watching too much TV is bad for your eyes. So how about reading off an LCD screen like the displays featured on the Kindle Fire and Apple[...]

Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight Review

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight is the latest addition to the eInk family of readers. The newest NOOK device has an industry-first illuminated eInk touchscreen display.[...]

Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ Review

The Nook HD Plus offers plenty of entertainment and surprisingly good specs, given its low price. We've tested it out throughly, and we're here to bring you the results.

Whatever Happened to the Color eReader?

We were all set to see a wave of color eReaders, but that hasn't manifested. Why?

Kindle Paperwhite Review: Perfect Lighting

The best keeps getting better, with Amazon's latest iteration of its eReader providing a backlight, WiFi, and, of course, excellent battery life.

Book Publishers Must Learn the Same Lessons Music Publishers Did

Last week, the U.S. Justice Dept. sued some of the largest publishers and Apple, accusing them of eBook price fixing. This lawsuit wouldn't be necessary if eBook publishers learned the[...]

Holiday Guide: Best eReaders on the Market

Who needs a tablet? Bookworms know that eReaders offer the most pleasant reading experience, by far. There are multiple Kindles and NOOKs available, here are the best.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Rumored to Debut in May

Although the Kindle Fire has only been out for a few months, but rumors are already swirling that Amazon is already at work on the successor to this increasingly popular[...]

Rumor: New Kindle Fires Coming, Old Kindle Fire Getting Price Drop

Rumor has it that Amazon is working on two new Kindle Fire tablets, and poised to slash the price of the original 7-inch Fire.

Amazon Brings Kindles to Light with Paperwhite

Today marked an exciting day for Amazon, as the company made its entry into the world of lighted eInk readers, announcing the Kindle Paperwhite, a front-lit device that will let[...]

Rumor: Amazon Color eInk Kindle Coming in 2012

Rumor has it that Amazon will release an eInk-based color Kindle eReader later in 2012.

Polaroid Tablet/eReader Images Leaked, CES Debut to Come?

It appears Polaroid will be taking a dip into the tabletsphere this year, as images of a tablet/eReader have been leaked ahead of its supposed CES debut.

Rumor: Amazon to Release Front-Lit Kindle in July

Rumor has it that Amazon will launch a front-lit eInk Kindle in July alongside a new Kindle Fire.

Every Book in the Harry Potter Series Free on Kindle with Amazon Prime

Are you a big Harry Potter fan and do you own an Amazon Kindle? You're in luck today as Amazon has announced that the entire Harry Potter series is free[...]

Three New Amazon Kindle Fires Coming in 2012?

Online retailer Amazon is looking to take over the tablet market with the reported launch of three new Kindles in 2012: two 7-inch devices and an 8.9-inch tablet.

Amazon to Release Color eInk Kindle?

A report is floating around saying that Amazon has placed an order with E Ink Holdings for a color eInk eReader.

Target to Stop Selling Amazon Kindles

According to an internal memo circulating at Target, it appears that the Minneapolis-based retailer will stop selling Amazon's devices including the Kindle Fire.

Amazon Gold Box Sale Featuring Kindle Fire for $140

The refurbished Kindle Fire is Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day today, reducing the price of the tablet to a mere $140 for one day only.

Rumor: Amazon Scraps 8.9-inch Fire, Releasing 10.1-inch Instead

New rumors suggest Amazon is scrapping plans of selling an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire and replacing it with a 10.1-inch model.