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Popular rugged tablet PC Articles for 2010

Armor X10gx Rugged Tablet Review

Meet the toughest tablet on the block, the Armor X10gx from DRS Tactical Systems. While other tablets impress with flashy UIs and cute applications, the X10gx takes any abuse the[...]

Tablet News Week in Review: The Windows Phone 7 Tablet News that Wasn’t

The big tablet news was news that wasn't, actually. On Monday, Steve Ballmer officially unveiled Windows Phone 7 with no mention of tablets. It seems Microsoft is sticking by Windows[...]

DRS Tactical Unveils ARMOR X10gx Rugged Tablet PC

DRS Tactical Systems, a subsidiary of DRS Technologies, has added to its ARMOR series of rugged tablet PCs with the introduction of the lightweight X10gx system.

Xplore Launches iX104C4HD Rugged Tablet PC

Xplore Technologies Corp. recently made public its new rugged iX104C4HD Tablet PC.

DAP Technologies Introduces the M4000 Mobile Rugged Tablet

DAP Technologies has announced its M4000 rugged tablet series which will pair up with the previously released M2000 to try and simplify warehouse settings.

New Getac V100 Rugged Tablet PC Unveiled

Getac Inc. recently unveiled their revamped rugged V100 convertible PC. Whats interesting about the newest version is its Intel Core i7 1.2 GHz processor, which stands to make it the[...]

Getac Announces V200 Rugged Tablet

Set to start shipping next month, the V200 will sport many of the features expected in a rugged tablet coupled with the new addition of a LifeSupport battery swap system.