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Does the Apple iPad mini Cost Too Much?

There is one feature of the iPad mini that was completely unexpected: its cost. Instead of the projected $250 price tag, Apple set a $330 price.

Barnes & Noble Nook HD vs Kindle Fire HD

Barnes & Noble seeks to cut into Amazon's lead with its new line of tablets, the Nook HD and Nook HD+. But how do they stack up against the Kindle[...]

Google Loses in Samsung vs. Apple Lawsuit

Samsung is the obvious loser in its patent lawsuit with Apple, although Google and its Android OS, as well as tablets, may also be in the line of fire. [...]

Apple iPad 4th-Gen Really Has Twice the Performance of its Predecessor

Apple promised that the latest version of the full-size Apple iPad will be twice as fast as its predecessor, and benchmarks for this upcoming tablet bear this out. The processor[...]

Microsoft Details Office 2013 RT Availability and Features

Microsoft has shed some light about when and how Office 2013 will become available for RT devices, as well as some of the differences between the RT and x86/x64 versions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Can Now Be Pre-ordered

The long wait for the Galaxy Note 10.1 is apparently almost over. This Samsung tablet is now available for pre-order, and is rumored to be launching by the end of[...]

Windows 8 RT and Surface Tablet: Microsoft’s Deliberate Smokescreen and Balancing Act

On Windows 8 launch day this much is clear, Microsoft will have us all believe there is no difference between Windows RT and Windows 8. Both are the next-generation Windows[...]

Microsoft Windows RT: Known and Unknown

With the countdown on for Windows RT tablets, and a lot of details still on the way, what's known at this point about Microsoft's OS, and what's hanging in the[...]

See the iPad mini Broken Down to Its Component Parts

Want to know more about what's really going on inside the new iPad mini? You can see it taken apart right here, down to the very last screw. There's even[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook and Apple iPad Found Safest for Enterprise Use

There's no denying that tablets have become an integral part of many people's lives. Yet, as more business adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approaches for employees, a new study takes a look[...]

Google Adds Wish List to Google Play Store

With the holiday season right around the corner, it looks like Google is making it easier for Google Play Store users to keep track of the items they've been yearning[...]

Apple iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales: Where They Stand Outside of Court

As a result of the Apple vs. Samsung trial the U.S. sales figures of both companies have been released. Here's how the tablet sales of these two mobile giants stack[...]

Samsung Unveils Series 7 and Series 5 Convertible Windows 8 Tablets

Using the IFA stage in Berlin as an ideal platform to announce a slew of new products, Samsung has just took the wraps off the Series 5 and Series 7[...]

Microsoft Making It Easier for Customers to Try a Surface Tablet Before They Buy

The Microsoft Surface tablet has drawn huge amounts of attention, but those who are interested in buying one will only be able to get one at a Microsoft store.

Apple iOS 6 Makes iPad Users More Productive

Many people use an iPad instead of a bulkier laptop The new version of Apple's operating system offers a number of improvements for this group.

Apple Announces iOS 6 Release Date for iPad

The Apple iPhone 5 was the biggest news coming out of today's event in San Francisco, CA, but Apple did reveal that iOS 6 will soon be available for the[...]

Take a First Look at the Apple iPad Mini

Although the official unveiling isn't expected until next month, a number of pictures of a smaller iPad have leaked out, including one comparing its size to the current Apple tablet.

Four Samsung Tablets to Receive Android 4.1 Update

Samsung announced today that four of its tablets (as well as 11 of its smartphones) will be receiving updates to Google Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean.

Why Google’s Nexus Models Don’t Have Removable Memory Cards: Too Confusing

A frequent complaint about Google Nexus smartphones and tablets is that they don't have removable memory card slots. Matias Duarte, the man at Google responsible for developing Android's user experience,[...]

Apple iPad Mini Production Already in Full Swing?

As rumors of an iPad Mini continue to mount, the latest report claims that this smaller slate is already in full production, which if true, lines up rather nicely with[...]