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Skype for iPad Review

Apple iPad users finally have another option besides FaceTime when it comes to video chat software in Skype. Going for the low, low price of zero dollars (but with paid[...]

Microsoft OneNote for Apple iPad Review

After trying to ignore or repel the iPad for years, Microsoft has finally come around and released an Office app for Apple's tablet with OneNote for the Apple iPad. The[...]

10 Must-Have iPad Business Apps

With your business equipped with tablets and ready to use them, the only thing left to do is decide which apps to use. With thousands to choose from, Apple's App[...]

What are the Essential Apple iPad Apps?

Miles and miles beyond the "starter kit" of apps that come with your iPad, you can get practically limitless additional use from your tablet by downloading more apps from the[...]

Grand Theft Auto III for Android Honeycomb and iOS Review

Grand Theft Auto III by Rockstar Games is now available for the iPad and Android tablets, bringing its sandbox-style mayhem and underworld drama from the seedy side of Liberty City.[...]

Best iPad Social Networking Apps

Since the Apple iPad is such an excellent mobile companion, you'll probably find yourself using it quite a bit in conjunction with your favorite social networks such as Facebook and[...]

GarageBand for iPad 2 Review

Apple touted GarageBand as one of the iPad 2's premiere launch apps. Find out if this musical suite is just a fun diversion or a serious audio editing application in[...]

What Are the Best iPad Weather and Disaster Preparedness Apps?

Given current events, it's obvious that the threat of blizzards, earthquakes and other disasters hovers in the air. In this apps roundup, find out how you can use your iPad[...]

Infinity Blade 2 Review: If It Ain’t Broke…

Infinity Blade 2, available on both the iPad 2 and original iPad, is heavy on new content but light on new features, following the exact same format of its predecessor[...]

What Are the Best Honeycomb Travel Apps?

November and December are the most heavily travelled months in the US, owing mostly to the holiday season. So if you plan to travel cross country or overseas within the[...]

What Are the Best Android Honeycomb Shopping Apps for Black Friday?

It's Black Friday time, and for those looking to kickstart their Holiday shopping and save a mess of money, we present the best Black Friday Android shopping apps. In the[...]

Back to the Future: Episodes One and Two Review

Telltale Games has established themselves as the go-to company for adventure games, but "Back to the Future" is only one of a handful of titles that the developer has released[...]