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Microsoft Office 2013 Review: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook

Microsoft Office 2013 arrives months before its companion, Windows 8. While it's obvious Microsoft designed the new Office apps around Metro and the latest OS, it also added new features[...]

What are the Best iPad Language Translation Apps?

What are the best iPad apps for finding phrases, or for drilling down deeply into a foreign language? We've tested eight top apps. Here are the pros and cons.

CloudOn Review: The Best Way of Getting MS Office on an Apple iPad?

CloudOn's free app and web service bring MS Office to the Apple iPad. While there is no official Office app yet for Apple's tablet, there are plenty that mimic its[...]

Microsoft OneNote Mobile for Android Review

Microsoft already released a mobile version OneNote, its popular notes app, for iOS. Now it's also available for Android. The iOS version certainly had its limits, is the Android version[...]

What are the Best Android Tablet Widgets?

Android has one big feature advantage over iOS, and that is widget support. Active widgets bring useful info at a glance and allow Android tablet owners to personalize their devices[...]

What are the Best iPad Apps for Tracking Wall Street Stocks?

The Apple iPad can act as an excellent tool for trading and learning about stocks. We've selected seven cool apps in this category. Can they turn you into a Wall[...]

Hulu Plus for Android Review: The Streaming Media Service Finally Comes to Android Tablets

Hulu Plus is finally available for Android tablets, and it fills a major gap in the platform's app catalog. Does Hulu Plus offer enough to dethrone the current king of[...]

What are the Best iPad Fitness Apps?

Attention both couch potatoes and fitness fiends alike! That iPad you use for checking email and watching Netflix can also serve as your personal trainer, calorie counter, and all-around fitness[...]

OnLive Desktop Review: Windows 7 on an Apple iPad

With the free OnLive Desktop app, users are provided a cloud-based Windows 7 PC on their Apple iPad that will allow them to create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint[...]

Join.Me Review: Free & Easy Screen Sharing from PCs to iPads

Join.Me is a new service from LogMeIn promising simple and easy screen sharing between PCs and tablets, with both free and paid offerings. Simple, easy, and free? There has to[...]

What are the Best iOS Arcade Games?

Summertime means beaches and boardwalks, complete with arcades. Fortunately for those low on coinage, the iPad has an impressive selection of quarter munchers. Here are a few of our favorites.

What Are the Best Honeycomb TV and Movie Watching Apps?

Mobile tablets were made for watching movies, and with Netflix and a host of other movie and TV-streaming apps now available for Android, Honeycomb tablet owners can finally take full[...]

Does Google’s Quickoffice Deal Hasten Office for the iPad?

When will Microsoft release an Office app for iPads and Android tablets? As some analysts see it, editions for Windows 8 and RT will come first, regardless of Google's new[...]

OnLive for Tablets Review: Console Gaming On the Go?

Cloud gaming service OnLive has now come to Android tablets, and soon to iOS. Does it actually let you enjoy console-level gaming on the road thanks to being able to[...]

Apple iBooks 2 Review: Easy Reading on Your iPad

If you own an iPad, and you like to read, why not check out Apple's free iBooks 2 as an alternative or addition to the Kindle and NOOK apps?[...]

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad Review: Photo Editing Wherever You Go

Just in time for the next-generation Apple iPad, Adobe has released its Photoshop Touch app for iPad. How does the new iPad app compare vs. desktop Photoshop? Read the full[...]

Get Your Grill On! What Are the Best Android BBQ Apps?

Technology and cave-man methodologies mix with these 8 BBQ apps designed to help create the ultimate cookout! Read on and celebrate the unity between tablet apps seared animal flesh. Just[...]

iPhoto for iOS Review: Photo Editing on the iPad

Along with the new iPad and iOS 5.1, Apple unveiled iPhoto, the newest addition to the iOS iLife suite of apps. Apple claims iPhoto brings "multi-Touch to photography in a[...]

Ready to Go Green? Here Are 8 Tablet Apps to Help You Get There

Going green...yes, there is an app for that. In fact, there are many apps for that. Here are 8 of the best free apps to help reduce a carbon footprint,[...]

Next Issue for Tablets Review: The Netflix for Magazines

Next Issue has been described as 'Netflix for magazines'. Just like the movie services, users can pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited access to popular magazines from their tablets.[...]