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HP EliteBook 2740p Review

Business users and consumers who want a well-built tablet PC have a few options on the market right now, including models from HP, Lenovo and Dell, among other manufacturers. HP[...]

HP Slate 500 Tablet PC First Impressions

It's getting crowded in the business tablet market with four devices -- five, if you count the iPad -- competing for the same users. The newest device, the Windows 7[...]

Detailed HP Slate Specs Leaked

An HP tablet PC running Windows 7 has been spotted on YouTube in a user review of the device he calls thin and "lighter than the iPad." UPDATE: In a[...]

Update: HP Releasing Windows 7 Tablet PC for Enterprise, PalmPad for Consumers

Speaking at the 2010 Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, HP executive VP, Todd Bradley claimed HP is still making a Windows 7 tablet PC, only it's for the enterprise. HP's webOS[...]

Full Specifications List for HP’s Slate Leaks Out

After pre-announcing it in January, HP has been slowly revealing details on its upcoming tablet computer. Now there's good news for people who are impatient to know more: a full[...]

The HP Tablet: WebOS, Windows, or Android?

This much we know. HP is readying a webOS-based tablet unofficially dubbed the PalmPad for release early next year. Things get very muddled, however, when the talk turns to HP's[...]

HP Zeen Tablet: How Much Is for Real?

Rumors are swirling that HP is readying a tablet/eReader device called the Zeen, outfitted with Android 2.1 plus the ability to print out eBooks on HP printers. Some of what's[...]

HP’s webOS-powered Tablet Could Debut Much Earlier than Expected

When HP announced that it is going to acquire smartphone-maker Palm, the company said it intends to release tablets running the Palm webOS. According to an industry rumor, the first[...]

HP PalmPad Details Leak, Will Be at CES

A spec sheet for the HP webOS tablet has leaked, revealing key details about the PalmPad, including its official unveiling at CES 2011.

Updated: The webOS Tablet Gets a Name? HP Files “PALMPAD” Trademark

HP recently filed a trademark for the term "PALMPAD" leading to speculation the company has revealed the name of their rumored webOS-powered tablet. Update: Sources now claim the PalmPad will[...]

HP Releasing webOS Tablet in Q1, Windows 7 Tablet Coming Soon

Finally, an HP exec goes on the record with some solid tablet news. HP VP Todd Bradley said during HP's Q3 earnings call that the company plans a Q1 release[...]

HP Slate Might Be Canceled

An unconfirmed report indicates that HP has dropped plans to offer a tablet computer running Microsoft Windows 7. The highly anticipated device was supposedly canceled because HP decided it wouldn't[...]

Toshiba and Intel’s New CM1 Tablet Joins Crowded School PC Space

With competition from HP, the OLPC, and others in the education tablet space, Intel and Toshiba are teaming up for the new Toshiba CM1, a lunchbox-style tablet PC for elementary[...]

Hands On the HP eStation Printer and Tablet Combo

Behold the Mighty Zeus! Well not really. HP has ditched the mythical moniker of their once-rumored Zeus and Zeen tablet and printer combo and unveiled the Photosmart eStation, a printer[...]

HP Delays, Possibly Scraps Android Tablet

HP may have scrapped plans for an Android tablet, and at the very least delayed its release, which was originally scheduled for Q4 2010. The reason? Perhaps HP is focusing[...]

Early Review of HP Slate: ”Meh”

A website based in Mexico got some early time with HP's upcoming slate computer and published its first thoughts on the device. The article was pulled down at HP's request,[...]

HP Zeen Really Just a Detachable Printer Monitor?

From the rumors, the HP Zeen and Zeus tablet/printer combo seems like an innovative device. However, new details have emerged to suggest that the tablet portion may be little more[...]

HP Buys Palm, Might Make a webOS Tablet

HP is going to acquire smartphone maker Palm. In a conference call after the announcement, a high-level HP executive raised the possibility that his company might produce tablet computers running[...]

Analyst Says HP Slate Still Going to be Released

Last week, an unconfirmed report indicated that HP has dropped plans to offer a tablet computer running Microsoft Windows 7. An industry analyst says that he doesn't believe this is[...]

HP Slate 500 Experiences “Extraordinary Demand,” Shipments Delayed

For Hewlett Packard, this could be considered a good problem to have. Citing "extraordinary demand" on the Slate 500 web page, the HP Windows 7 tablet PC is backordered six[...]