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HP TouchPad Review

The HP TouchPad is the first tablet featuring webOS. Like its competitors, the TouchPad offers a multimedia experience with music, photos, apps, games, email and web browsing. With Apple, Android,[...]

Buying a Tablet for the Holidays? You Might Want to Wait

The holidays are here, and tablets will undoubtedly be on wish lists. But with the next generation of tablets queued up for a CES 2012 unveiling in January, and the[...]

HP Officially Announces the TouchPad

HP has officially unveiled its TouchPad tablet at the webOS event today, but after so many information leaks, there weren't many surprises left to be revealed about the much-anticipated device.

HP TouchPad Hands-On First Look

When HP acquired Palm last year, everyone wondered when we'd see a webOS tablet. HP finally delivered, recently unveiling the 'TouchPad', a 9.7-inch tablet featuring Palm's vaunted OS. While HP[...]

HP TouchPad Price, Release Date Leaked

Of all the leaks leading up to the HP TouchPad unveiling, price and release date information were not included. HP was also especially vague regarding the details at the TouchPad[...]

2011 Tablet Release Schedule

Have you had trouble keeping up with details on the surplus of upcoming tablets? Now that slate season is in full swing there are literally dozens of devices in the[...]

More HP webOS Tablet Features and Info Leak, Topaz Tablet Revealed

Though it still isn't anything official, it seems that we're coming one step closer to completely uncovering the mystique behind the webOS-based "Topaz" tablet from HP and Palm, thanks to[...]

HP webOS Tablet Details Emerge, HP Responds to Leak

Weeks before its rumored debut on February 9, major details regarding the HP webOS tablet have leaked, indicating HP will release two so-called PalmPads. HP has since responded, suggesting the[...]

HP Tablet Details Continue to Spill Out, HP Files Touchpad Trademark

At this rate, HP won't have anything left to announce about its tablets on February 9. Coming hot on the heels of an information leak, a tipster has since disclosed[...]

HP TouchPad First Look Review

The HP TouchPad is now available, and TabletPCReview has a TouchPad in hand. While we are not ready to fully review the device, we are brimming with initial thoughts and[...]

HP Decision to Bury TouchPad: A Grave Error?

Oh HP TouchPad, we hardly knew ye. Seriously, you were only on the market a month and a half before getting the cold, quick, and calculated axe along with the[...]

HP TouchPad webOS 3.0 First Look: Photo Synergy, 4 Keyboards

When HP gave a sneak peek of webOS 3.0 at a New York City press event, TabletPCReview was there to catch early glimpses of Photo Synergy, four virtual keyboards, and[...]

WebOS Tablet Announcement May Finally Come From HP

Though HP was expected to finally unveil its webOS devices at CES 2011, it seems that it decided it doesn't need a big stage like CES to reveal its long-rumored[...]

Tablet Security Creates Headaches for Businesses, but There’s a Cure

There are close to 40 different tablet PC systems available or ready to jump into the tablet market. The problem is these mobile devices can present a management and security[...]

Rumor: Retailer Leak Reveals Major Tablet Releases Update

A photo of a retailer's tablet release spreadsheet has surfaced on PreCentral, revealing the pricing and release dates of numerous tablets, many of which were previously unknown.

HP Kills TouchPad and webOS Smartphones

HP today announced that it will stop making webOS devices, including the TouchPad tablets and webOS smartphones. The move comes just days after rumors indicating the TouchPad tablet was not[...]

Tablet News Bits: Tablet Sales Lag, Sony Preps New eReader, No Win Phone 7 on Tablets

With so many stories in the tabletshpere, some are overlooked. Here are some of the biggest little stories from the industry this week, which include lagging tablet sales in Q1,[...]

HP TouchPad Now $100, Best Buy Extends Return Window UPDATE

Let the HP TouchPad fire sale begin!

TigerDirect and Best Buy Offer Fire Sale for HP TouchPad

It's another fire sale for the HP TouchPad, as Best Buy and TigerDirect are both offering bundled deals for the webOS tablet.

Tablet News Bits: HTC and Sony Tablet Screens Leak, Pierre Cardin’s Fashionable Tablet

While HP was slashing tablet prices, other news broke, such as Twitter creating an HTML5-based site for the iPad, Pierre Cardin offering an absurdly expensive Android tablet, and leaked screenshots[...]