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Amazon Kindle Touch Review: The Best New eReader

The Kindle Touch is the new flagship Amazon eReader. With no physical keyboard or navigation buttons, the Kindle Touch is the first Amazon eReader to rely exclusively on touch. Find[...] Read full article

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Amazon Kindle Fire Review: A True Consumption Tablet

Amazon is putting all its mighty marketing muscle behind the Kindle Fire, suggesting the 7-inch tablet is poised for big holiday sales. But beyond the hype, is this consumption-oriented Android[...] Read full article

eReaders Review

New Amazon Kindle Review

The new Amazon Kindle is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than its predecessor (the newly-dubbed 'Kindle Keyboard'). But is that enough for Kindle and NOOK owners to ditch their older[...] Read full article

eReaders Review

Amazon Kindle 3 WiFi/3G Review

The new Amazon Kindle is lighter and thinner than the previous generation eReader. It also offers faster page turns and improved screen contrast. Are the upgrades enough for hardcover lovers[...] Read full article