Android Buyers Guide

It’s not hard to find a Google Android tablet. Samsung, LG, Asus, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, HP, Amazon and others too numerous to name rely on Google’s mobile operating system to power their tablets. The devices range in size from seven inches to larger than a foot, and cover the spectrum of processor speeds and capability. Many Android tablets are Google-sanctioned devices, which feature Google’s proprietary apps like Gmail and Google Maps, and have access to the Google Play Store for licensed apps. Others, like the Kindle Fire series, run a heavily-modified version of Android, and are restricted from the Google Play Store, but have access to third-party channels like the Amazon Appstore.

Recent Android Reviews

4G Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 and Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Review

A highlight of Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 4 series is an attractive price-to-performance ratio, and this is especially true of the 7- and 8-inch models. Get an in-depth look at[...] Read full article


Lenovo A10-70 Review

Lenovo's latest Android tablet offers a 10.1-inch screen and decent internal specs, while boasting a $250 price tag. Is it trying to do too much with too little? TabletPCReview investigates. Read full article

Android Feature

What Android “L” Has Lined Up for Tablet Users

With Android's upcoming release ditching Dalvik and taking on a new "Material Design" unified look, the future of Google's mobile OS looks bright... bright and colorful. Read full article


Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Samsung’s fourth generation of Galaxy Tab models comes in three different sizes. The largest model in the series has a 10.1-inch 1280×800 screen, a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, and 1.5[...] Read full article


Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

The 7-inch and 8-inch versions are nearly identical. Irrespective of screen size, they both come with a screen resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels, and use a quad-core 1.2GHz processor to[...] Read full article

Android Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Review

The Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 is a full-size tablet at a mid-range price. It has unimpressive specifications at first glance but these are sufficient for a $350 device. Read full article

Analysis Feature

Google Nexus 8: What We Think We Know

The Google Nexus 8 may finally be up for its big reveal at Google's I/O developer conference next week. Before that happens, though, a quick recap of the most recent[...] Read full article

Android Feature

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Hands-on Preview

Samsung's newest slate, the Galaxy Tab S, looks to be a catch-all for the mainstream. It'll be available in two sizes, both of which will have AMOLED screens. Read full article


Acer Iconia One 7

The Acer Iconia One 7 is an attractive and functional tablet. Read full article

Acer Review

Acer Iconia One 7 Review

The Acer Iconia One 7 is a 7-inch Android tablet priced at just $130. How will it stand up against other no-frills models? Read on to find out. Read full article