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Consumer Review

Nokia Lumia 2520 Review

Nokia, a company best known for its smartphones, has produced the Lumia 2520, a full-size, high-end tablet created for the consumer market. It runs Windows RT 8.1, the version of[...] Read full article

Microsoft Review

Microsoft Surface 2 Review

Microsoft has thrown its full support behind Windows RT 8.1 and the Surface 2, but how does it stand up in the real world? Read this review to find out. Read full article

rugged tablet PC Review

Gammatech Durabook CA10 Review

Gammatech typically makes rugged laptops, but now it's trying its hand at tablets. How does the Durabook CA10 stand up? Read full article

Business Review

Samsung ATIV Tab 7 Review: High-End Windows 8 Tablet

Samsung's ATIV Tab 7 is a premium tablet running Windows 8 with an 11.6-inch screen. We take it for a spin, along with its optional keyboard dock and 4G service. Read full article

4G Review

HP ElitePad 900 Review

The HP ElitePad 900 is an enterprise-grade tablet aimed at flexibility with a slew of accessories and a competitive base price. Read full article

Entertainment Review

Razer Edge Pro Review: Windows Gaming Tablet

The Razer Edge is packed with powerful hardware for those who wish to take their desktop PC games on-the-go with the least amount of compromise. Read full article

Business Review

Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx Review

The Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx is an Intel Atom Windows 8 tablet. It comes at an affordable price, but is it able to differentiate itself from the competition? Read full article

Microsoft Review

Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Powerful Windows Tablet

The Surface Pro is Microsoft's business-oriented Windows 8 tablet. Is it the device you've been waiting for? Read our full review. Read full article

Asus Review

Asus VivoTab RT Review

With its 10.1-inch screen, Nvidia quad-core processor and Windows RT, how does the Asus VivoTab RT stand up to today's other hybrids? Read full article

Asus Review

TabletKiosk eo a7400 Ultra-Mobile Tablet PC Review

TabletKiosk's eo a7400 is a Windows tablet designed for the enterprise. It's well suited for its target market, but should consumers look at it too? Read on to find out. Read full article