What are the Best Haunted Honeycomb Halloween Apps?

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The following eight applications represent the best Halloween-themed apps on the market, every one guaranteed to turn your tablet into a conduit of spooky – and sometimes even silly – activity. But proceed with caution; some of the applications listed below might just possess you to kill… your tablet battery.

House of Horrors ($0.99)
As far as virtual movie libraries go, House of Horrors doesn’t do too shabby of a job in delivering literally hundreds of hours of classic Halloween viewing. The trick is, these are all public domain movies – but you’d be surprised at the number of notable titles that are in the public domain, including classics like Night of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls and a handful of older Hitchcock flicks. 

Although the viewing quality of the movies available on House of Horrors isn’t even close to HD quality, the fact that there are over 100 titles to choose from makes up for that, as does the instantaneous streaming speed. Want to ring in Halloween with your tablet? Shut off all the lights, snuggle up on your favorite cozy chair within reach of a bag of popcorn and a strong Wi-Fi signal, and get watching.

Catch A Ghost ($1.99)
This isn’t a game that’s going to revolutionize the Honeycomb arcade market, but it’s a fun and simplistic time killer for those who’ve decided to skip the Halloween party in favor of staying home and doling out tooth-rotting sweets to the neighborhood brats. It’s also a game your little ones can enjoy and it may even – dare we say – help develop their hand eye coordination. As ghosts rise up from the graveyard below, the object is to pop them in midair by tapping your tablet screen before they can make their grand getaway. Incredibly addictive, you might just find yourself wresting with your younglings for play time.

Catch A Ghost

The Gothic Tarot ($4.98)
It would figure that one of the more niche apps on the market would also be one of the most expensive, but once you launch The Gothic Tarot you’ll know where those hard earned 498 pennies went. Part virtual art exhibition and part tarot reading lesson, the app displays each of the 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana in gorgeous high resolution quality. A simple tap of the screen reveals each card’s significance in fairly lengthy detail, and there’s even a “card of the day” widget designed to keep the experience fresh and always educational. Not solely for use on Halloween, the creepy artistic renderings of vampires, gargoyles and ghosts won’t exactly hinder your appreciation of the darker side of October.

Angry Birds Seasons: Trick or Treat (Free)
The heavyweight champion of all addictive app games, Angry Birds, has proven to be no slouch in ringing in the different seasons. Back in 2010 when its makers, Rovio, decided that Angry Birds wasn’t popular enough, they decided to raise the stakes and release a Halloween-themed version of the game aptly subtitled Trick or Treat. True, the release of this particular app took place over a year ago and for many, it’s yesterday’s news. But for those still trying to catch up on their Honeycomb tablets to the point where they left off on their Android smartphones, there’s still tons of irate fowl mayhem and destruction to be leveled. 

Trick or Treats got just about everything a Halloween-themed app needs to make it timeless: creepy background music, wicked atmospherics, and pumpkins aplenty. What more could you ask for, other than a sack of free candy? Angry Birds Seasons also comes loaded with other calendar-specific themes including Summer Pignic, Easter Eggs, Go Green Get Lucky (St. Patrick’s Day), Hogs and Kisses (Valentine’s Day), Season’s Greetings (Christmas), and Chinese Mooncake Festival – which apparently has something to do with autumn.

Stupid Zombies (Free)
The ultimate gift for reformed Angry Birds addicts who’d much rather spend their time killing zombies than hurling their feathered friends at swine (no wonder the birds are so angry), Stupid Zombies is a game that doesn’t have to wait for Halloween to get played. But you have to admit, doing so during the spookiest time of the season adds a bit of edge to the freaky factor. 

Although not specifically optimized for the tablet experience, Stupid Zombies benefits from the greater amount of screen real estate, if for no other reason than you’re more accurately able to plot the course of travel for your bullets with the intent of decapitating as many zombies as possible. Not to mention the fact that the bigger tablet screen allows you to experience the grisly cartoon gore in much more vivid detail.

Stupid Zombies

Creepy Tales (Free)
When you get right down to it, Creepy Tales is just a no-frills collection of scary stories and urban legends designed to send a chill down your spine. But what really makes this particular application stand out among a bevy of others that intend to do the very same is the artistic and outright creepy static background of barren winter trees set against a sepia sky. Simply put, there are plenty of eBook distributors who could learn a thing or two about presentation from the simple yet effective ambience. The stories presented in Creepy Tales won’t ever win any literature prizes, and there are some that are outright amateurish – however, Creepy Tales is evidence that writing ability and style seldom has anything to do with effectiveness. A great free app for an evening spent around the proverbial – or literal – campfire sharing stories of the supernatural and the outright horrific.

Plasma Sound HD (Free)
Scary movie soundtracks and Halloween party CDs can only get you so far. What do you do when you’ve got a hankering to be the instrument behind the eerie atmospherics but your folks never spent a dime to get you proper music lessons? Easy enough. Just download the Plasma Sound HD app on your tablet and start emoting. The best part? You don’t even have to pay a dime. This is a full-on electronic instrument modeled after the theremin and the continuum, two instruments that are capable of delivering the kind of chill-inducing tones best saved for the days leading up to All Hallows Eve. 

Play is accomplished by dragging and alternately tapping your fingers on your tablet screen. Colorful visuals also accompany your atmospheric improvisations. The app’s adjustable settings allow you to tweak the sound you get, and it even comes with an elementary sequencer that allows you to layer sound upon sound to create actual loops.

Plasma Sound HD

Haunted House HD ($1.99)
The great thing about Haunted House HD, an interactive and customizable live wallpaper, is that it looks great on just about any platform on which it’s installed. But it’s only when viewed on a high resolution tablet screen that the 3D really seems to come alive… or maybe “undead” would be a more fitting word to describe it. At a cost of $1.99 you might find this a bit pricey as far as other live wallpapers go, but the fact that there are two unique modes you can alternate between that place your setting either outside or inside the titular haunted house, this is actually a fun two-in-one deal. Application settings let you essentially set your “haunt level” and you can even customize the name on the mailbox outside. Fun to watch and, according to the manufacturers, easy on the battery usage.




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