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Apple iPad mini 2 Might Be Thicker Than Its Predecessor
by Ed Hardy -  2/21/2013

An important component of what's supposedly the iPad mini 2 has appeared in some images coming out of Asia. If these are real, then this device is going to be thicker than the current version.

[click to view image]The pictures show the back casing, not the assembled device. Still, a few inferences can be drawn from them.

What most people probably notice first is that the Apple logo is blue, not black as it normally would be on a silver iPad. What this means, if anything, is uncertain.

A side view shows that this tablet apparently will be a bit thicker than the first iPad mini. Some have been quick to point out that Apple's first tablet with a Retina display, the iPad 3, was slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor to give room for a larger battery.

There have been rumors and speculation that the iPad mini 2 will have a much higher screen resolution than its predecessor, a device who's low pixel density drew criticism. Apple's more recent full-size tablets have a display with such a high pixel density that individual pixels can't be discerned. These were dubbed Retina screens, and the iPad mini to is reportedly going to have one.

The 7.9-inch device is expected to have the same resolution as the 9.7-inch version: 2048 x 1536 pixels. The current smaller tablet has a 1024 x 768 resolution.

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Source: Weiphone

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