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Microsoft Paying Developers To Make Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 Apps
by Ed Hardy -  3/21/2013

Microsoft has launched a promotion called "Keep the Cash, Publish Apps" that will give developers $100 for each app they write for the Windows Store or the Windows Phone Store.

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Because Windows RT runs on ARM-based processors, it can't run software designed for versions of Windows that run on x86 chips. So Microsoft created the Windows Store as a source for apps that can run on Windows RT tablets.

The same is true of the Windows Phone Store, with the added stipulation that apps for this operating system need to be designed to run on small screens.

The number of third-party applications available is critical to the success of any platform, and the relatively low numbers of apps for Microsoft's Windows RT and Windows Phone is seen as a weakness. Paying developers to create software is one way to encourage developers, especially smaller ones to whom $100 is a significant amount.

Some Rules and Regulations

Developers can make up to $2,000 by submitting up to 10 apps to each of the two stores. Microsoft says, "Each app you submit to a single platform must be substantially unique and different."

The offer is good for the first 10,000 qualified applications received, and entries must be in by June 30.

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