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BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Might Be Coming This Year
by Ed Hardy -  3/22/2013

Executives at BlackBerry need to get their stories straight. This week, the company CEO seemed to indicate that a tablet is a remote possibility, while another exec said a PlayBook replacement is close to being released.

[click to view image]CEO Thorsten Heins told a group in Australia that his company is considering breaking away from smartphones again, but he doesn't want to release what would "just be another tablet". He went on to talk about how tough competition in the tablet market is.

But then Mike Al Mefleh, director of product management at BlackBerry, told a group in Dubai that a PlayBook running BlackBerry 10 is on the list of devices his company is going to release this year. He also told Emirates 24/7 that tablets are part of the core focus of this business.

There will certainly soon be at least one tablet running BlackBerry's new operating system -- an upgrade for the first-generation model has been promised.

Source: Emirates 24/7

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