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Dell Plans More Windows RT Tablets
by Ed Hardy -  4/16/2013

Dell has not given up on Microsoft's oft-maligned Windows RT operating system, and is working on follow-ups for its current tablet running this operating system.

[click to view image]Dell's XPS 10 was introduced last fall, along with Windows RT models from a handful of other companies. As these run an alternate version of Windows 8 created for ARM-based processors, not x86 ones, they can't run software designed for previous versions of Windows.

Microsoft has drawn criticism for not doing enough to explain this significant difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Dell VP Neil Hand told the IDG News Service that its own RT-based tablet has been big success. "It's turned slower than we were hoping at this point in time."

Still, Hand said his company is working on future models running this operating system, even though he would give any details about these, aside from a promise that they would be lighter and faster.

Dell has been affected by the slowing market for notebooks and laptops. The company seems to be seeing the growing interest in tablets as a way to increase sales.

Source: ComputerWorld

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