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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Details Come to Light: Expect Better Performance, Longer Battery Life
by Ed Hardy -  9/5/2013

Microsoft has committed to a upgraded version of the Surface Pro, but has yet to reveal any details of it. Some of the specs have leaked out, however.

[click to view image]At its heart, the Surface Pro 2 is going to have a fourth-generation Intel Core i5 "Haswell" processor, according to an unconfirmed report from Neowin. This means the tablet will have better performance than the current version while also using noticeably less power.

Microsoft is also supposedly going to double the RAM in the upcoming version, going from 4GB to 8GB.

One of the highlights of the original Surface Pro is its built-in kickstand. This is going to be redesigned in the next model. The source of this information was not clear on exactly how it will be improved, but support for multiple viewing angles is a possibility.

It is not known when Microsoft plans to introduce the Surface Pro 2. That said, the first edition came out last winter, about seven months ago, so a follow-up probably isn't right around the corner.

Source: Neowin

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