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Tablets Running the Tizen OS Could Someday Compete with Android, iOS, Windows
by Ed Hardy -  10/25/2013

Although the tablet market is humming along with three mobile operating systems, the first signs of a fourth are starting to appear: Tizen.

[click to view image]Although Android was created to be an open-source operating system, there are some who believe it's too much under the control of Google. That's why Samsung, Intel, and others have joined together to create Tizen, a Linux-based alternative.

The first versions of this were intended for smartphones, but the Japanese company Systena has introduced a develop kit for tablets. This consists of a 10.1-inch tablet running a modified version of Tizen 2.1.

At this point, it appears that some of the larger companies that are backing Tizen -- most notably Samsung -- are doing so to hedge their bets with Android. If Google really starts treating Android like a proprietary operating system, they want to have an alternative waiting in the wings.

Source: Systena

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