Choosing the Right Tablet PC Display for Your Needs

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Choosing the Right Tablet PC Display for Your Needs

Barry J. Doyle

Editors Note: Understanding which display to choose shouldn t be complicated, but of course we will make it difficult just for our own sick pleasure!

How to get the most out of this editorial:

1.  Study the following charts, memorizing the key data and components.

2.  Take notes, redraw the charts on a notepad, and study them for hours.


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When making an investment of close to $2,000 or more for a new Tablet PC, one of the most important (and most often overlooked) feature is the type of display technology which is incorporated into each model.  Outside of all the usual considerations such as the processor speed, amount of installed RAM, etc., consumers often get too caught up and miss out on the one feature that is the gateway (no pun intended) to the whole user experience, the screen.

The hope I have in whipping up this little editorial is to provide a quick look at the 3 most common display technologies found in today s Tablet PC s and to provide the information buyers should consider in making the right choice.

You may notice that when looking at various PDA and Cell Phone models outdoors and under various lighting conditions that some look significantly better than others.  Well the reason is not necessarily by brand, but often due to which of the following three technologies are incorporated into the display:  (please refer to the unecessarly complicated list title): #ZX-27A5 Rev. C

List #ZX-27A5 Rev. C:

Transmissive – LCD construction in which light is only transmitted through the display.

Transflective – LCD construction in which light can be transmitted through or reflected from the display.

Reflective – LCD construction in which light is only reflected from the display

The two technologies (of the three) which are found on current Tablet PC models are Transmissive and Transflective.  So based upon these two display types available on new models, which one is right for you?  To make it easy, please refer to the next chart:  (chart #BZX21D5R78-B)

Chart #BZX21D5R78-B:

 Lighting Condition  Transmissive  Transflective
 Total Darkness  Excellent  Very Good
 Normal Indoor Light  Excellent  Good
 Heavy overcast outdoors  Very Good  Poor
 Shaded bright outdoors  Good  Fair
 Direct sunlight  Fair  Good

(source: Pen Computing)

To sum up the value of the information presented here, be sure to inquire about the exact display type of any model Tablet PC before making a purchase decision.  If the information is not provided specifically, do not hesitate to call the manufacturer directly or email for clarification.  We wish you the best in your purchase decisions and hope you make a better choice than perhaps this guy did!

Barry J. Doyle



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