Fujitsu Expands Mobile Offerings with Suite of Security Features

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Fujitsu Expands Mobile Offerings with Suite of Security Features

In today’s world, one cannot go to far when it comes from protecting sensitive data.  With the introduction of biometric fingerprint scanning hardware to be used in place of (or in conjunction with) password protection.  One of the largest concerns and issues with biometric fingerprint scanning was the error rate which compromised its effectiveness.  On many devices it is easy to “fool” the device and get past the swipe with the unintended user!  Yikes.  However, Fujitsu has announced what seems to promise a better, more secure version for its devices.  According to the press release it reads “through the top layer of skin to recognize the true uncontaminated live fingerprint layer located below the surface”. 

Without saying too much, on a personal note, I am currently involved in a project with a company who plans to incorporate this technology into credit cards.  At first, I was a bit skeptical, but based on what I have been reading lately about the improvements, this technology sounds like it is finally going to be worth its salt.  Please read on…

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Fujitsu Computer Systems today
announced the release of the new LifeBook(R) S7000 notebook. Mobile
professionals and corporate users will welcome this full-featured notebook
with an enhanced Intel(R) Pentium(R) M 745 Processor and new Crystal View
display. In addition, Fujitsu further expanded upon the multiple security
technologies available across both notebook and Tablet PC offerings.
    Fujitsu security technologies provide several layers of protection for
users’ data, applications and passwords. Among the features offered are an
AuthenTec biometric fingerprint sensor device, the Fujitsu Security Panel,
embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and Smart Card capabilities.

    Fingerprint Sensor Device
    Fujitsu offers a built-in biometric fingerprint swipe sensor on the
LifeBook S7000 and LifeBook P7000 notebooks as well as the Stylistic(R) ST5000
Tablet PC. With a simple swipe of the finger, users can quickly and easily
access their protected system and online accounts without having to enter
    Fujitsu chose to work with AuthenTec, the leading supplier of biometric
fingerprint sensors in the consumer biometrics market. Unlike traditional,
surface-based imaging technologies, AuthenTec uses its unique TruePrint(R)
technology which reads through the top layer of skin to recognize the true
uncontaminated live fingerprint layer located below the surface.
    TruePrint technology accomplishes this by creating a small radio frequency
field between the sensor and the live layer of the finger. By reading the live
layer, AuthenTec sensors are not affected by common skin surface conditions
such as calloused, dirty or oily skin — making them capable of reading
everyone’s finger under virtually any conditions.
    “AuthenTec’s TruePrint technology is the most accurate and reliable
fingerprint recognition technology on the market,” said Scott Moody, president
and CEO of AuthenTec. “We are pleased that Fujitsu can offer a secure
biometrics solution to its corporate customers to provide peace of mind and
added convenience.”

    Fujitsu Security Panel
    The LifeBook S7000 notebook and the Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC include the
Fujitsu Security Panel, which provides the user with a means of selecting one
of approximately 800,000 code combinations to lock/unlock the system. The
security panel consists of an array of buttons with which the user enters a
code. The security panel can be made accessible from either a supervisor or
user ID level. The panel can also be used as a programmable application
launcher panel to allow quick-launch of email, the Internet or user-selected

    Smart Card Technology
    Containing an embedded chip, the Smart Card is an increasingly popular
data storage device. The Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC and the LifeBook T4000
Tablet PC have a dedicated Smart Card slot, and the LifeBook S7000 notebook is
Smart Card ready, requiring a PCMCIA Smart Card holder to access the reader.
    The Smart Card chip can be used as a secure method for storing and
transmitting critical data electronically. The cards can store information
such as health records, passwords and credit card numbers. They can also be
used to secure e-cash, for personal identification, and for electronic door
and gate opening.

    Trusted Platform Module
    In addition to the fingerprint sensor and security panel, the LifeBook
S7000 notebook and the Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC include an embedded Trusted
Platform Module employing a Trusted Computing Group (TCG) security chip. The
chip allows the user to store files or other data securely by encrypting them.
This makes it impossible to read the data when the hard drive is used in
another system, or for unauthorized users to read the encrypted data.
    This technology provides a convenient centralized location for encrypted
password storage on the TCG chip. It also allows the system to check for
unauthorized hardware changes while it is booting up…

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