Handwriting Analysis Tool for Tablet PC – Free and Fun

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Are you looking for some cheap thrills on a slow Monday morning? We have the perfect solution. Check out the Handwriting Analysis Tool for Tablet PC. This little application is a great little time waster. However, perhaps you really want to know what this tool says about you? Better yet, try it out on coworkers. You and your Tablet PC are sure to be at the very least, a short-winded hit around the office.

Handwriting Analysis Tool for Tablet PC is part of the free “Microsoft PowerToys” collection for Tablet PC. It is a very small (and free) download that is easy to operate. Just simply install, run the program and within seconds you’ll be analyzing your own handwriting (or the handwriting of a your chosen victim).

Microsoft’s description: “Ever wondered how your handwriting represents you? Well, here’s tool you can use to find out. The Handwriting Analysis Tool examines the characteristics of the your handwriting and reports what it reflects about the your personality.

I just had to find out how my handwriting rates. Here goes…

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Let’s see how the results stack up. Here is my own handwriting analysis and my personal reactions…

You are optimistic and enthusiastic about your future. You neither procrastinate nor hurry. You enjoy physical and hands-on activities.

Check. This is right on the money. 

  Mental Abilty
You rely heavily on intuition, and make decisions carefully.

Umm… Yeah, sure – I always make perfect decisions (who are they kidding?)

You keep your inner-most thoughts to yourself. However, you enjoy discussions and are receptive to other opinions.  You can be deceitful to yourself.

Decietful to myself? Am I living a lie? LOL

You set ambitious, long term goals, though sometimes vague.  Fortunately, you have strong will-power, enthusiasm, endurance, and self-confidence, helping you to achieve those goals.

Okay. I like what it says here. Yup enthusiasm, endurance, and self-confidence exude from me!

  Self Image
You are confident and self-assured, and resultantly set ambitious, long-term goals. However, you are also sensitive to criticism and need approval.

Mother may I?

You are a cautious person who thinks carefully before acting. You keep feelings inside and do not express them openly, in order to protect yourself. However, you can be empathetic and sympathetic, and forgive and forget quickly.

Agreed here. I thing I forgive and forget too quickly!

  Social Skills
You are a solitary person, and desire to work alone, and be alone most of the time.  However, you do feel isolated sometimes.

Wrong. Admittedly I usually choose to be around others as I work (provided it is conducive to the cause).

Overall the analysis was pretty good though. Perhaps this is all nonsense? Regardless it is certainly fun.

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You are able to save results as a text file. This is perfect to document any “dirt” on your coworkers, friends, boss, you name it! (We have no idea if this would hold up in court however).

Ready to take the plunge? You can download your free copy of the Microsoft Handwriting Analysis Tool for Tablet PC here…





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