Just How Did “Bluetooth” Get its Name?

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For over three years Bluetooth technology has been a technological tool I have relied on daily. Prior to becoming the Editor-in-Chief of TabletPCReview.com, I wrote reviews and pieces for our PDA site, the BargainPDA.com, now Brighthand.com. It was during those years that I began using this extremely handy method to cut the wires from my PDAs and PCs in order to exchange information between the two devices.

Those of you who use Bluetooth on a regular basis probably never hesitate to use the actual term “Bluetooth” verbally in daily life. But, how might this sound to perhaps a small town 80 year-old who has never got past replacing their good ol’ rotary phone circa 1972?

Perhaps this photo might illustrate what visions may come to mind for purposely technological hermit. After all, does the name “Bluetooth” really mean anything that has to do with the technology itself?

For those who are not “in the know” yet (this technology is getting hotter all the time, you are bound to use it eventually like toothpaste), Bluetooth is a low-powered, highly portable, super secure wireless technology. Just two years ago Bluetooth was isolated to use by tech-savvy business folk, PDA enthusiasts and IT guys. Now you can see people walking the campus of your school, the floors of office buildings and through the mall with earpieces blinking with that saturated trademark blue hue – “talking to themselves”. Either you have thought “what the hell?” or you now know that these folks are simply chatting on there cell phones sans the phone in-hand or cord running to the headset. How very handy!

Other uses include:

  • wireless printing
  • wireless PDA synchronization
  • wireless file transfer
  • wireless connectivity to GPS
  • and so much more…
So how did “Bluetooth” get it’s name? There is a story here! Here it goes (and we’re not joshing you here), well the name comes from a Danish King Harald Blatand. English translation: Harold Bluetooth. Really sounds better in Danish as I am sure you agree. So this tenth century king obviously had nothing to do with wireless technology of any sort. This all came to be due to the high-tech minds of the developers chatting about history and a code name for the then upcoming new wireless creation. I am guessing a few folks might have been sipping on the vino that evening! All intentions were of course good and the rest is history, both past and present. The name has stuck like glue ever since. If you want the story straight from the experts, read more at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group website here…



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