News – 100Mbps Over Phone Lines, 10 New Microsoft Patches, Blocking Internet Explorer 7

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100Mbps DSL Over Phone Lines

For those stuck with good old twisted pair copper as their only pipeline for broadband to their Tablet PC it looks like there’s hope on the horizon for speeds that could surpass cable and possibly even fiber. A consortium of hardware developers and telecoms based in Israel has set its sites on achieving fiber optic or better speed over regular phone lines. In a nutshell, the companies involved believe they can use DSM (Digital Spectrum Management) to boost the speed and bandwith of ordinary DSL. Professor John Cioffi, a Professor of Engineering at Stanford University and a pioneer of DSM research, argues that copper has more inherent bandwidth than fiber. He says a bundle of 50 Cat 3 twisted-pair wires (a fairly standard last segment to the home connection) has 10Gbps of available bandwidth to distribute to the fifty homes at the end of those wires. In contrast, a similar fiber optic last segment connection to the home has only 2.5Gbps to distribute to its homes. the technology is of course still a ways off in the future, but if the consortium is successful it could seriously reduce the value of investments made in fiber by companies like Verizon.


10 New Microsoft Patches Released

On Tuesday Microsoft rolled out one of the largest releases this year of security patches. Last week the company had said to expect 11 patches, but apparently one of the patches didn’t meet quality criteria and was held back. The 10 security bulletins include six critical fixes for Office and Windows. Initially the release was plaqued by technical glitches in Microsoft’s automatic patch distribution system which were later fixed. If your Tablet PC is set to automatically download updates and patches we recommend you double check to make sure the patches were downloaded and applied. If you update manually visit Microsoft’s site as soon as possible and update your system.

Blocking Automatic Installation of Internet Explorer 7

Along with the security updates mentioned above, Microsoft also reminded users that they would be releasing Internet Explorer 7 later this month. The new browser will be available for download and then shortly thereafter will be distributed by Windows Update and automatic update. To avoid having the browser automatically installed (something you might wish to do if you’re a business or want to wait for any initial bugs to be ironed out) you must install a special blocking tool offered by Microsoft by November 1st. Read more…




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