News – Jet Engine to Power the Tablet PC?, HP Shows Off 2016 Tablet Technology, Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant

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Jet Engine to Power Your Next Tablet PC?

Fuel Cells too far into the future for you? Solar too 1970’s? Nuclear too scary? How about powering your Tablet PC with a miniaturized jet turbine engine? Impossible you say? Well aparently not. Alan Epstein, a professor in the aeronautics and astronautics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has come up with miniature jet engines that he thinks could provide a power source for all sorts of portable electronic devices including your Tablet PC. So how miniature are Epstein’s jet engines? They are about the size of a quarter and made from silicon wafers sandwiched together. And how long will a minature jet engined keep your Tablet juiced? Epstein says:

“My laptop now runs about three hours with a full charge,” he says. “With a micro-engine about the same size and weight (as a laptop battery), you’d end up with somewhere between 15 and 30 hours.”

Of course Epstein is still only in the design and testing phase and his research is funded by the military so you’ll have to wait in line a while to get your hands on a tiny jet engine to power your Tablet PC. Read more…

HP Shows Off 2016 Tablet Technology

As part of putting its “HP Invents” slogan in action, senior HP execs were in London yesterday showing off their version of the future. The HP design mantra is “simplicity.” With products like their current iPaq series, HP engineers are forced to incorporate ever more radios to meet the continuously emerging standards. In the future HP would like to have one simple device, in this case a bracelet, that is always with you and acts as the radio communication hub and brains for all your other gadgets. The constellation of gadgets that surround this hub are then free to take on the form and size that best suits their function (such as the ultrathin Tablet PC displayed above.)Before we get too worked up though we have to remember that what they were showing off weren’t actual working products but rather design mock-ups of potential products ten years in the future. Read more…

Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant Concept

Not to be outdone, Intel has also recently been showing off its designs for technology of the not too distant future. For the household Intel is working on a concept PC called the Kitchen Window which is built around the idea of coordinating family life. The Kitchen Window would be a touchscreen PC that rides on the wall and can be adjusted to the height of various family members. In the medical arena, Intel has started a digital health group to work on products to make the lives of doctors and patients easier. Since the the Tablet PC is the form factor of choice in health, naturally one of Intel’s strongest concepts is the Tablet PC like mobile clinical assitant platform. The mobile clinical assistant could sport a variety of features such as an exterior that can be wiped clean with disinfectant; radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for rapid user and patient identification; and barcode scanning to help reduce medication-dispensing errors. As with the HP tech above, most of the Intel concepts won’t reach consumer hands until sometime in the future if at all. Read more…



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