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Fujitsu Continues to Keep Their Pocket PC’s Out of the US, but their Tablet PC’s Continue to Evolve.

Fujitsu's popular PDA, the "LOOX" is still not available in the US. Fujitsu's extensive Tablet PC line however continues to evolve with both Slate and Convertible Tablet models. Read full article

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Tablet PC’s help Phoenix, AZ Homeland Defense Team Stay Connected

The "Phoenix Homeland Defense Team" in Arizona is made up of fire, police, public health and city emergency management... By incorporating Tablet PC's into the system, members of the[...] Read full article


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Dear Visitors, WELCOME to! A letter to you from us! Read full article

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Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2004 is on Its Way!

In the second half of 2004, Microsoft plans to officially launch the second major release of its Windows XP Tablet PC Edition OS. With this new version, consumers can[...] Read full article