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Today we take a peek into the forums to find a grass roots view of what’s going on in the world of Tablets. We’ve run some stats calculations on our forums to find the most popular threads from the past 30-days as measured by the number of views. The Asus R1F, Gateway CX210 and HP tx1000 all seem to be popular areas of discussion.

Below are the top 10 threads based on number of views as measured from the past 30-days:

  1. Our new CX210’s (poster Big Bopper, posted 3/16/2007, 1,678 views, 55 replies) – Big Bopper just purchased a new Gateway CX210 tablet and has some initial pen issues so he poses the question to other members asking if they have had this problem at all.
  2. ASUS R1F-K018E Mini-Review…and Problems. (poster jinobi, posted 3/10/2007, 1,406 views, 16 replies) – jinobi just received his Vista loaded Asus R1F Tablet and asks about some cursor "sticking" issues and fingerprint reader problem.
  3. This is looking very bad… (poster Ris, posted 3/8/2007, 1,387 views, 20 replies) – Ris has a new Asus R1F tablet model number K008E that was working great initially, but now it won’t boot…
  4. Asus Service Support Feedback (poster eva04, posted 3/7/2007, 1,270 views, 42 replies) – eva04 asks whether it’s okay to post email correspondence with Asus support to display the fact the help and support has been anything but helpful.
  5. Asus R1F special Edition available soon (poster, posted 3/28/2007, 1,171 views, 22 replies) – MileStonePC alerts forum members to the fact the new configuration for the R1F with Vista business, a 160GB 5400RPM hard drive and Core 2 Duo 7200 processor will be on sale soon.
  6. 14" Vista Tablet with Wacom? (poster russki, posted 3/12/2007, 1,062 views, 20 replies) – russki laments the fact no more 14" Tablet PCs are for sale and asks if anyone knows if there will be again.
  7. How do you think about this specs of R1F (poster, posted 3/21/2007, 1,058 views, 30 replies) – MileStonePC poses the question to the forum which Asus R1F Tablet PC they would buy given different configuration options.
  8. Proud owner of the $3600 R400…come get your questions answered 🙂 (poster hemmatmahdi, posted 3/7/2007, 1,052 views, 25 replies) – hemmatmahdi just got his new (and very expensive) Toshiba R400 and invites the rest of the forum community to ask any questions.
  9. HP Pavilion tx1000z pen response (poster aviv00, posted 3/8/2007, 1,034 views, 18 replies) – aviv00 asks the simple question as to whether the tx1000z screen is as responsive to pen input as other tablets…
  10. X60T – Long term usage experiences? (poster osaris, posted 3/16/2007, 980 views, 15 replies) – Osaris asks the community whether the ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC has issues after more than 3 months of usage.

    and as an extra, 10 – 15 are:

  11. Art and note-taking tablets with some other features (poster bupp, posted 3/10/2007, 890 views, 17 replies)
  12. TOsh M400 vs Fuj T4215 (poster Dimi, posted 3/14/2007, 887 views, 18 replies)
  13. Study of X60 Display Dimensions (poster arobulack, posted 3/11/2007, 834 views, 23 replies)
  14. Bios 310 for windows vista available (poster job, posted 3/20/2007, 807 views, 14 replies)
  15. Where to buy & stores in your countries (poster SebastianK, posted 3/6/2007, 780 views, 29 replies)

Looks like lots of complaint threads, which is normal, people naturally come to the forums with problems and looking for help or advice of course! But also some good old fashioned fun and geeky threads in there.

And for the sake of comparison, here’s our 5 most read threads ever!

  1. New Gateway M285 Tablet Convertible (poster Djarvis, posted 5/27/2006, 19,625 views, 107 replies)
  2. Tecra M7 Review (part 1) (poster jritter, posted 7/19/2006, 18,416 views, 84 replies)
  3. Gateway CX2724 Noise Issue (poster jsn1, posted 8/4/2006, 17,628 views, 109 replies)
  4. Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta – Available For Free Download (poster Barry J. Doyle, posted 7/25/2005, 13,707 views, 8 replies)
  5. 4200 RPM vs. 5400 RPM Hard Drive – Performance vs. Battery Life (poster Barry J. Doyle, posted 5/13/2005, 13,425 views, 8 replies)



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