Tablet PC Expert Zone Chat – Select Questions and Answers

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On the first Wednesday of each month, we join in on the Tablet PC Expert Zone Chat with Microsoft. “Tuning in” will offer you yet another outlet to get information about the Tablet PC Platform, hardware and software. Microsoft’s group of experts are on hand to answer all of your questions. Below are a few select questions of interest that we singled out of the mix from yesterday’s Expert Zone Chat. We of course added out “two cents worth” below each of the expert’s answers.

Q: When can we expect to start seeing Intel’s new ULV Core Solo chips in Tablet PCs?

When our OEMs decide to put them in there. Seriously though, we’re all waiting for Core chips in Tablets. It’s up to the OEMs.

We say: It is only a matter of time before Fujitsu and Lenovo offer ULV Core Solo chips in the ST series tablets (Fujitsu) and X series tablets (IBM/Lenovo)

Any word on the TIP Freezing issue?

Still under investigation sorry about the delay here, reproducing the scenario is a tough problem.

We say: Follow our guide for disabling unnecessary services to make your Tablet PC more stable. Be sure you have a minimum of 512MB RAM to run Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Consider 1GB of RAM if you have more than a couple applications running while using the TIP.

Q: In some cases several TIP icons appear on the screen. Is something wrong with my TPC?

A: What do you mean by “in some cases”? Are they all independently functional, or is this perhaps a redrawing issue?

We say: Windows XP certainly has documented “redrawing issues”. Microsoft software engineers have assured us that this problem will not occur in Windows Vista.

Not sure if this is specific to the X41 tablet or the Intel wireless card, but for some reason, when I’m using the wireless card on my tablet, and right click on a desktop icon, there seems to be a 30+ second delay…but only when wireless is in use. ??

That’s interesting. I use an X41 as my self-host and have not seen that kind of right-click behavior on either XPSP2 or Vista. Are you referring to “wireless in use” meaning you’re actively transporting network traffic at that time, or just wireless is on?

We say: Try updating your Intel Pro Wireless driver software. Use the Intel software to connect and configure your wireless connections, you will surely enjoy faster performance! Download that software for your X41 here. Once installed you can use the Intel software to manage your wireless connections. IMO, it does a much better job than XP’s built-in management tool.

Q: I used to have the snipping app in the taskbar. It doesn t appear there any longer. How do I get it back?

That’s just a quicklaunch shortcut, you can drag and create another shortcut there if you removed the one that was there.
We say: Correct!

Q: If I were to be getting a Tablet PC in the near future, which one would you recommend?

company line: “We love all our OEMs”

We say: Read for the “most comprehensive reviews on the web”. (company line)

Q: When I Partiton my Hard drive to install it always leaves 8 MB space which i can’t utilise why is it so, happens only when i install XP

A: This is not a TabletPC question, but I do have it on good authority, that this is in the Knowledge Base. I’ve seen the article.

We say: This is always the case that the File System requires this miniscule amount of disk space to create a partition. This is completely normal.

Check back with us next month for more select Q and A from the Tablet PC Expert Zone Chat scheduled for July 5th.



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