Tablet PC News: $100 Tablet PC/Notebook, OneNote Goes Mobile, Pepper Pad is Worst of 2005

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Nigerian President Pushes for a $100 Notebook, Tablet PC, E-Book Reader and TV Combo Device

SPAM and scams aren’t the only thing to come out of Nigeria, though they’re still the primary export. Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo is pushing the One Laptop Per Child initiative and hopes it will be of great impact to his and other African nations. The OLPC was first revealed by Nicholas Negroponte, from MIT, in January. As technology continues to evolve, the $100 price point is getting closer to reality. Just this morning Wal Mart sold a reasonably configured HP notebook commercially for $378, so the reality of an operational $100 notebook/Tablet PC is not that far away.

The aim of Negroponte’s initiative is to provide each child in the developing world with a laptop that can also act as an e-book, a tablet PC and a TV in a bid to help bridge the digital divide.  More…

OneNote Mobile Extends OneNote to PDAs and Smartphones

Currently OneNote supports limited data sync to mobile devices. That’s about to change, with a full blown version coming to PDAs and Smartphones. OneNote Mobile supports taking notes via text entry, voice recording or pictures. There are several other cool features if you’re interested, check out Chris Pratley’s OneNote Blog.

As part of our ongoing mission to capture all the information you need to keep, it makes a heck of a lot of sense to let you capture information while you’re on the go away from your desk – even without your laptop. As you may know, the current version of OneNote 2003 can sync with the notes on your Smartphone or PocketPC – ink, text, or voice. But this is a limited sync – it is only one way: from device to the PC. So you can’t really take your notes with you except the ones you created on the device. And the note-taking applet in these devices is not the strongest.

Enter OneNote Mobile. OneNote Mobile is your portable extension to OneNote that you get when you purchase OneNote. You install it on your Windows Mobile SmartPhone (this is semi-automatic so it is low hassle) and you’re good to go. A few weeks ago, David Siedzik, the program manager for OneNote Mobile showed it to the mobile devices MVPs who were on campus and actually got a standing ovation! Read on to find out why.

Pepper Pad Named One of the Worst of 2005

Pepper Pad

The Pepper pad was one of those cool looking devices we see every year at the Consumer Electronics Show that never really turns out very well. They sell for $850 now in limited retail distribution, but the pad was killed off by a poor screen, battery life measured in seconds instead of minutes and other fatal flaws. PC Magazine just released their worst products of 2005 and this pseudo-Tablet PC gem came in at #3.

3. PepperPad: Following in the footsteps of the Audrey, Netpliance, and NIC, this is an Internet bubble failure five years too late. More expensive than a laptop, with a battery life measured in minutes, and a tiny 8- by 6-inch touch screen, this home Internet tablet has few redeeming features. Unless you’re a fan of freaky keyboards, opt for a cheap tablet PC instead.



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