Top Six Reasons to Go Tablet PC

by Reads (12,095)

1. Truly ‘mobile’ mobile computing: Have you ever tried to whip out your notebook while standing in line somewhere? It’s no easy feat to balance the notebook on one hand while typing with the other and odds are eventually your notebook is going to do a triple gainer when you accidently hit the enter key too hard. Not so the Tablet PC though. The compact design of convertibles and slates lends itself to one arm computing, computing in tight spaces or computing while standing and waiting in line. Some models even have hand straps to make sure your tablet never takes a tumble.

2. Work with humans, not machines: The Tablet PC form factor is designed to be unobtrusive. In meetings, classes, or on an airplane, your Tablet PC can lay flat while you take notes or work allowing you to interact with your fellow man or woman and not just with your PC. 

3. Notes, notes, NOTES: Cocktail napkins are good- until you spill your drink on them. A matchbook? Yeah o.k. if you know how to write really really small. The table top? Lots of space but not too terribly portable. The Tablet PC represents the evolutionary pinnacle of note taking. With your Tablet PC you can jot down notes almost anywhere, anytime. “But I can do that with my cocktail napkins” you say. Well yes, but on your Tablet PC your notes are electronic which means they can be easily organized, searched, transformed, emailed, etc. You can even add video or audio to your notes with Microsoft OneNote. Try doing that with a book of matches!

4. Humanize & personalize your work: You can tell a lot about a person by their handwriting. Now try to analyze something produced in a standard word processor. O.K., maybe you can tell the author likes the Arial typeface a lot but that’s about it. With a Tablet PC you can annotate reports and presentations with natural looking markups, you can sign your emails or write personal notes in your own handwriting and email them to your friends and family. You can doodle a stick figure that’s rough around the edges and not composed of perfect circles and lines. In other words, you can reclaim a little bit of your humanity and individuality and share it with the world.

5. Pimp your PowerPoint: It’s not easy these days to liven up or personalize a bland PowerPoint presentation. But give that same presentation with your Tablet PC, and you can scribble, make notes, highlight, and draw right on the screen, live and in real time. If you’re into extreme experimental presentation, you could even get crazy and hand make your presentation on the fly!

6. Clean up your chicken scratch: O.k. it’s all fine and great to handwrite your notes and correspondence to give them that human touch. And perhaps your wife and maybe your best friend will have the patience to decipher your penmanship, but if you really want that scribbled pitch for your latest blockbuster to have a chance, you can use your Tablet PC to convert that chicken scratch into legible typed text. If the pitch works and your film’s a hit and you become a rich, mean, jerk, you can sign autographs on your Tablet PC using the Tablet PC Input Panel and they will be converted to depersonalized typed text which you can then laser print and hand out to your fans.



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