Users Voice Their Opinions About the Dell Latitude XT

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The topic of today’s "User Opinions" article is the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC. The XT has moved its way to number four on our Most Popular Tablet PCs list. Even though the XT was just recently released and we haven’t received one for a complete review yet, some of our users have.

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC. (view large image)

It has been the talk of the community since its release and some users have commented on the pros and cons of this tablet, which we would like to share with you. The opinions are chosen based on the value of the information (in our opinion) to our readers. We don’t necessarily pick only the "positive" opinions or only the "negative" opinions. We pick the opinions that we believe will be most helpful to you as you shop for and compare Tablet PCs.

Dell Latitude XT in tablet mode with pen. (view large image)

Dell’s first Tablet PC has climbed its way right to the top of our list since its release. The Latitude Tablet PC is modeled after Dell’s popular Latitude line-up of notebooks, which comes as no surprise. It is extremely lightweight, has a 12.1" LED backlight widescreen display and is powered by a 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor. Dell also integrated N-Trig’s dual-sense touchscreen, so users can use the innovative pen or touchscreen with better accuracy. There has been a lot of speculation over the high price, so maybe Dell will lower that and give consumers the opportunity to check out the XT, instead of just the business market. The price seems to be the number one complaint


Terrible quality and a number of problems.

Rating: 5/10

Pros: The XT has a nice design, and a bright LED backlight screen that saves on battery life.

Cons: My XT has the outdoor viewable screen and max configuration including 64GB SSD. After having it for a day I had to send it back to the dealer. First of all assembling quality is very bad. One corner of the screen has a gap, which produces a cracking sound if you slightly press it. The screen doesn’t sit firmly enough on the chassis and the matrix seems to have some remnants of glue or something else (at least it doesn’t stick to your hand) on the sides. The Backslash button on the keyboard didn’t work and the system has Windows Vista preinstalled, so it boots really slow. After it boots, I get a white screen. Finally after pressing the power button several times the login screen comes. Shutting down the system doesn’t always work either, sometimes it lags. Not bad for $4,500 high-end system!

Great innovation, horrible pricing.

Rating: 2/10

Pros: Innovative technology that has huge potential. It may very well take off and spark the competition needed to widen the Tablet PC market, especially the N-trig dual-sense touchscreen technology.

Cons: – It has an expensive touchscreen that doesn’t have any applications to use with it at the moment. Instead of using a solid casing, Dell decided to use a cheap plastic case, not like the Latitude notebooks the XT is based off of. Way to underpowered, its specs are among the worst in the Tablet PC market. The price is ridiculous, for a base model that’s underpowered, you are looking at$2,500. Perhaps as the technology matures Dell will drop the price to a reasonable range, which I am sure many consumers are waiting for.

Awesome, smartest Tablet PC. Way better than HP’s.

Rating: 9/10

Pros: The XT is lightweight, has more hardware features, a great display, 10/10 rating from a usability standpoint, no HDD sound, super performance, delightful tablet software that is easy to use, improved Tablet PC edition from MS, better sound quality than HP’s, and improved N-trig pen compared to other tablets. In nutshell I think it’s a dream tablet.

Cons: The hard disk capacity could be better, considering it uses a solid state hard drive to minimize the sound and improving performance HDD size was bound to be less. It’s just a tradeoff. External storage is so cheap these days, I don’t believe it’s a big deal. I would like to see 2GB RAM with the default shipping option.

Good tablet but not great.

Rating: 7/10

Pros: It has a sleek lightweight design, is well built and has excellent screen performance.

Cons: The tablet is fine and all, but it has one big short coming. Because it has a 16×10 ratio displace with relatively low resolution 1280×800, you can’t see the whole page at once when in tablet mode. The screen isn’t wide enough. Where as on the Toshiba with a standard ratio screen and 1440 resolution, you can fit a whole page when in tablet mode perfectly. The XT is just too expensive for what you are getting.


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