Weekend Project : Make Your Tablet PC Faster – Disable Unneeded Services

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Make your Tablet PC faster and more stable. Create a new “hardware profile” in Windows sans the RAM and CPU leaching processes that slow you down. Do you have some spare time to work with your tablet this weekend? Give our Tablet PC tweaking weekend project a try!

Six Steps to Tame Your Tablet

You may or may not be aware of the many useless services that Windows XP runs in the background by default. With a little time and a fairly easy tweak, you can create a new “hardware profile” and drop the drain on your PC.

1. Geting Started – You should first create a “new hardware profile” to work with. You can always revert back to your original settings should there be any problems. Let’s make our way to the “Hardware” tab in the “System Properties”.

Right click My Computer, then Properties. In the System Properties window, click on the “Hardware” tab.

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2. Now click on the “Hardware Profiles” button. Click on the “copy” button to create a new copy of your original profile. We will simply leave the default name “Profile 2” for ours.

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3. Let’s leave our “Profile 2” selected. Keep the radio button selected that says: “Select the first profile listed if I don’t select a new profile in 30 seconds”.

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Click “OK” twice, quit open applications and restart your tablet…

4. Select “Profile 2” during the reboot process. Once Windows loads do the following: Click the start button, then on “Control Panel”. Click “Administrative Tools and Services”. Double click the “Services Shortcut”. Maximize the “Services” window so you can read the list of services. Time to disable the junk!

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5. Using our list of “unnecessary services” as a guide, let’s start the process of disabling each service one by one. We have chosen these items as unncessary for most any Tablet PC user. If you are working in a sophisticated business network environment, we recommend that you consult with your IT/network administrator if you have any doubts about disabling the services in our list. (note: If you are an advanced user, there are probably another dozen or so services you can disable on your own machine. If you know of other services that are unnecessary for your needs, then we say go for it. That’s why we created a second profile in the first place.)

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (svchost.exe)
Clipbook (clipsrv.exe)
Error Reporting Service (ERSvc)
IPSEC Services (Isass.exe)
Net Meeting  Remote Desktop Sharing (mnmsrvc.exe)
Network DDE (netdde.exe)
Performance Logs and Alerts (smlosvc.exe)
QoS RSVP (rsvp.exe)
Remote Registry Service (svchost.exe)
SSDP Discovery Service (svchost.exe)
TCP/IP Net BIOS Help Service (svchost.exe)
WMI Performance Adapter (wmiapsrv.exe)

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Let’s start by double clicking “Background Intelligent Transfer Service”. A pop-up properties window will open. To disable this service, simple click the “Log On” tab, then select/hilight the new profile (profile 2) and click “Disable”, then click “Apply”. The Background Intelligent Transfer Service” will now be disabled in the new hardware profile.

6. Follow the same routine for the remainder of recommended services in our list. You can test your new profile by selecting it upon subsequent restarts. Once you feel that your new profile operates properly, you can go back to step one and disable the “30 second” selection.

We wish you the best luck for this weekend’s project. Check back with us for more “Weekend Projects” to follow. Please feel free to let us know if this project helped you in the article discussion area.



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