Windows Vista Hardware Requirements – Is Your Tablet PC Ready?

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As many future-conscious consumers consider a particular model Tablet PC to purchase, one question often comes up. Will this Tablet PC model be upgradable to Windows Vista? How steep are the requirements for the new operating system anyway? Well for those of you who have been wondering we some good news for you. For starters you don’t need the top-of-the-line hardware in order to run Windows Vista. However you don’t need the top-of-the-line hardware in order to run Windows Vista. However you will need to make the right choices in order to run this to take advantage of certain features that will remain unavailable if you choose the wrong specifications in your next Tablet PC purchase. Read up to become more familiar with the best “Vista ready” hardware choices.

There are really for different categories of hardware components that one should be aware of when making a purchase that will be ready for Windows Vista. The first and most obvious feature that is on everyone’s mind is the CPU. You want to make sure that your new Tablet PC is in the upper echelon of candidates to run Windows Vista in all its glory? If you want to be absolutely sure you have all the power you need in your CPU you’d be best off choosing from the new dual core CPUs from Intel for a 64-bit processors from AMD. Are you worried that the current Tablet PC do you have now won’t be ready for Vista? As long as you have a big grain mainstream CPU from Intel or AMD you should have no fear. However if you plan to gain or blaze through demanding multimedia tasks you’re best off with a dual core or 32-bit technology that is now available from Intel and AMD.

The next component that you should be concerned about is your memory (the amount of RAM you have installed on your system). In considering the memory do you have installed on your current Tablet PC for any model you purchase you should know that upgrading your memory is usually easy task and won’t break the bank. There are many users that currently have only 256 MB of RAM installed on their current systems the majority however have at least 512 MB of RAM on their systems. As long as you have 512 MB of RAM you are ready to upgrade to Vista, however at least 1 GB or more RAM is recommended for advanced users. If you are making a purchase on a new Tablet PC now, it might be best to configure it with one gigabyte or more of RAM from the start. At least this way you will enjoy all the benefits of the extra memory over the next few months while we anxiously await Vista’s release.

Moving right along to one of the most confusing pieces of hardware you need to be aware of – let’s talk graphics. You may have heard about the exciting new “AERO glass” look which is really Microsoft’s fancy name for the eye candy that you will have in the new operating system. Specifically, what you need it is graphics hardware that supports Vista’s Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). If you purchase a Tablet PC with integrated graphics, then you want one of the newest chipsets like the Intel 945G. A simple way to make sure that the model you would like to consider for purchase has the new 945G chipset is to simply go with any Intel dual core CPU. If you choose a Tablet PC with discrete graphics from ATI or NVIDIA, any of the current models will most likely support the WDDM in Vista without question. For more information and comprehensive lists of GPU’s use that will support WDDM check out this link.

In choosing a hard drive that will provide the best performance under Windows Vista, you will want to keep an eye out for an “SATA” hard drive vs. the more common IDE drives. Again when it comes to the hard drive there is some good news. It is usually a simple task to replace a hard drive, so users need not spend too much time and energy hunting for a model that has an SATA drive. Again it is advisable to know that if you configure a Tablet PC for order, you will want to choose that SATA hard drive over an IDE option if it is available.

Finally in considering what type of networking hardware your Tablet PC has, it is doubtful that any current model excludes integrated wireless connectivity. Just be sure that you have the 802.11 standard technology built-in to your next Tablet PC. Even if you should forget all about this issue, it is doubtful that you will find any current Tablet PC model that does not fit the bill for this requirement.

We hope that this general overview familiarizes you with the necessary requirements to take advantage of the various features in the upcoming and exciting Windows Vista. We will advise you however not to drive yourself (or others around you – lol) crazy or spend too much money to prepare for this operating system, since it is still several months away from release. Who knows? You might even decide a row that Tablet PC you have now on eBay and purchase a new model that is preloaded with Windows this stuff after the official release. This might be the very best strategy since you will know that “what you see what you get”.




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