AUKEY PB-T11 30,000 mAh Battery Review: Power for iPads, iPhones, and More

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  • Pros

    • Can fully recharge a tablet or 2-in-1 at least once
    • Can recharge two devices at once
    • Includes Lightning port
  • Cons

    • Doesn’t automatically start charging devices
    • Battery level indicator is vague

Quick Take

This accessory can keep a tablet and phone going for a long weekend off the grid. It includes two USB charging ports, and can itself be charged through a Lightning or micro-USB port.

External batteries for phones are widely available, but these can’t give a tablet, 2-in-1, or laptop a respectable charge. The AUKEY PB-T11 30,000 mAh Battery, on the other hand, is capable of fully charging many full-size computers at least once.

AUKEY PB-T11 Build and Design


AUKEY PB-T11 Top View

High-capacity batteries aren’t small, and this 30,000 mAH one is no exception, coming in at 5.9 by 3.3 by 1.1 inch and 1.3 lbs. (20.5 oz.). Still, it could be much bigger. There are 20,000 mAh batteries that are about this same size, for example, and it would take a dozen or so 2,000 mAh phone batteries to do what this single AUKEY unit does.

That said, this isn’t an item that anyone is likely to carry with them everywhere. It’s intended for people who are going to spend several days without access to wall sockets, and are willing to put up with some bulk to supply it for themselves.

This is a battery not a fashion accessory, and it comes only in a black plastic casing.


AUKEY PB-T11 Bottom View

It feels solidly built, and several weeks of use, including a business trip, have put no signs of wear on our test unit. Still, the casing is plastic, and inside is a lot of lithium, so try to avoid dropping it down any stairways. AUKEY makes no claims about it being ruggedized, and specifically says it isn’t water resistant in any way. So store it in a waterproof bag if you take it camping.


AUKEY offers this peripheral in a couple of different configurations. The one we tested includes a Lightning port, so it’s best suited for those who have an iPad and/or iPhone. This port is used to power up the charger, so someone traveling with their Apple device(s) can recharge this battery with the same cable and wall plug they use for their tablet and/or phone.

Those looking for this configuration should search for its PB-T11 model number. Be careful, as a very similar AULEY product is available under model number PB-Y3 with a USB Type-C port in place of the Lightning port. Both look almost identical in a brief glance, but have different target markets.


AUKEY PB-T11 Ports and Flashlight

Next to the Lightning port is a micro-USB port that can also be used to recharge AUKEY’s accessory. Both can’t be used simultaneously, however. This second option is for those who use an Android phone or tablet and want to use the cable and wall plug for that device with this battery.

There’s more about recharging the PB-T11 in the Performance section of this review.

There are two full-size USB Type-A ports built into this product. A green one supports AUKEY’s AIPower Adaptive Charging Technology, which is designed to provide a wide range of mobile computers with the maximum safe amount of amperage, up to 2.4 amps. It works with Android, iOS, and any accessory that can be charged over USB.

The red USB-A port supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which is included in many Android phones and tablets that use Qualcomm processors. Naturally, this port can still be used to power up computers that don’t support this technology, just not as quickly.

The AUKEY PB-T11 30,000 mAH Battery is capable of charging two devices at once, providing each with up to 2.4 amps. As part of our testing, we regularly kept a tablet and a phone connected to it. Just keep in mind, the computers in question must support USB charging.

Multi-Function Power Button


AUKEY PB-T11 Ports and Power Button

On the front of this accessory is a power button. This is necessary because just plugging a computer in to be recharged isn’t enough to start the process. But when the accessory is unplugged, or the connected computer stops drawing power, Aukey’s battery will automatically shut down.

The problem with this setup is that many computers, including iPad and iPhone, will cease drawing power when they are fully charged, even if they are being actively used. In this situation, the tablet will continue running on its internal battery which won’t be refilled by the external one because the external one has automatically shut itself off. It is up to the user to notice that they need to turn the charger back on again to keep their tablet at 100%.

The power button does double duty as an indicator showing the charging status for the Aukey PB-T11. A press of this button will cause it to briefly glow white when the battery is above 70%, glow green when it’s between 30% and 70%, and glow red when below 30%. This light will constantly pulse in the indicated color when this accessory is itself charging.

A more detailed indicator would be welcome. As it is now, when the light is glowing red there’s no way to tell if there’s enough power remaining to fully restore a phone battery or if there’s almost nothing left. The only way to tell that the PB-T11 is empty is by plugging a computer into it and noticing that it doesn’t charge.

A third function of the power button is to turn on the LED flashlight. This is included because Aukey understands that many people will use this accessory while camping, and having a backup flashlight that can run for hours can be very useful… even if it’s not terribly bright, and this one isn’t.



USB Type C Cable

AUKEY includes a single adapter cable, with a USB Type-A jack on one end and a USB Type-C jack on the other. This presumably is for those who travel with an iPhone, iPad, and one of the newer MacBooks that can charge over USB-C. This cable is about 5 inches long, which is enough to charge the laptop with the battery sitting right next to it.

Everyone needing a Lightning and/or micro-USB cable will have to supply it themself.

AUKEY PB-T11 Performance

The name of this product clearly spells out the capacity: 30,000 mAH. But no battery is 100% efficient; about 60% to 80% is more realistic.

In our testing, we found that this model was able to give the 10,307 mAh battery in a 12.9 Inch iPad Pro a 177% charge (over several charges, of course). This puts it at roughly 61% efficient.

As a real-world test, we carried AUKEY’s accessory on a multi-day business trip, using it as the only source of charging for a 12.9 Inch iPad Pro and an iPhone 7 Plus. It was able to keep both fully charged for two days of moderate use — half days of work and some personal use. At the end of those days, the battery was empty, but both the tablet and phone were above a 95% charge.

With the iPad Pro connected to the green AIPower port, enough current is flowing to charge up the tablet even with its backlight on at 100%. Many rival batteries we’ve tested can only slow the rate at which the iPad’s battery drains under these conditions.


Aukey doesn’t include a charger on the assumption that people will just use the one that came with their tablet or phone. Not surprisingly, the strength of the charger has a tremendous effect on recharge time.

The micro-USB port on the PB-T11 supports Quick Charge 3.0, so using an adapter with this technology will shorten the recharge time considerably.

In our tests, a 2.1 amp Pad power adapter plugged into the Lightning port brought the battery back to a full charge overnight, while a 0.5 amp obsolete cellphone charger took over 16 hours.

Aukey does not recommend recharging the PB-T11 itself while also using it to charge a computer. This is bad for the lithium-polymer battery.

AUKEY PB-T11 Conclusion


AUKEY PB-T11 with Packaging

Anyone needing to charge up their 2-in-1, tablet, and/or phone while spending several days without access to wall sockets should be pleased with the AUKEY PB-T11 30,000 mAh Battery.

It boasts two USB charging ports, and can itself be charged through a Lightning or micro-USB port. Despite this, it’s less bulky than might be expected.


The price PB-T11’s isn’t bad: the SRP is $68.99, but the official AUKEY store on currently has it for $54.99.


  • Can fully recharge a tablet or 2-in-1 at least once
  • Can recharge two devices at once
  • Includes Lightning port


  • Doesn’t automatically start charging devices
  • Battery level indicator is vague



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