Best Windows 8.1 Apps: Clipà.Vu

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Where would we be without copy and paste? They are such indispensable computing functions that many know them merely by their keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

Given their worth, it’s a bit of a mystery why Microsoft hasn’t done much with them. Just as they could in previous versions of Windows, users can copy and paste one thing at a time in Windows 8.1 … and that’s it. There is only room for one in the Windows clipboard manager.



Luckily, third-party developers have picked up the slack, and few are as feature rich and easy to use as Clipà.Vu.

Clipà.Vu does more than store text, it supports a history images, text, and links. It has a history as well as favorites. There are also shortcuts that auto generate timestamps (very useful for naming folders and files) and GUIDs (identifiers used in software development). There is a search function too, which can filter results by keyword, date copied, favorites, and copy type (image, link, GUID, email address, etc).

Copying anything will load it into “History,” as well as “Current.” A simple click assigns anything from the history, favorites, timestamps, and GUIDs ready for pasting. Clipà.Vu also logs the amount of time it saves users with a timer that adds about 20 seconds for every new item copied over. It’s a gimmick with questionable accuracy, but it’s a fun one.

Clipà.Vu will save the history through a shut down or restart, but it will only log the last copied item when closed. In other words, the app only logs a copy history when open and running.

There are three versions: free, lite, and pro. Fee limits users to a history of 9 clips, 3 favorites, 3 images, 3 timestamps, and 3 GUIDs. The $1.99 Lite version expands that to 99, 9, 9, 9, and 9 respectively, while the $4.99 Pro version enables a 999 clip history, 99 favorites, 99 images, 9 timestamps, and 9 GUIDs. Going further, there is a $7.77 desktop version that allows for a 999 clip history, 999 favorites, 999 images, 9 timestamps, and 9 GUIDs, in addition to a full complement of Windows customization options.

Pro will probably suffice for most users, and we believe most will want its flexibility after toiling with the free version. Clipà.Vu proves that convenient.

Ultimately, this is the type of app users will want to keep open at all times. The developers helpfully suggest it “works best in snap,” and proves just as functional slimmed to the Windows 8.1 app minimum.


Clipà.Vu in snap mode

Clipà.Vu in snap mode

At the very least, it’s worth checking out. This is the kind of app that leaves one wondering what they did before they discovered it.



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  1. ClipaVu

    Hello, here is Jan, Clipa.Vu creator. First of all many thanks for this article, Jamison – it is very appreciated! I would like to make everybody aware of some limitations the Metro (Modern UI, Universal Apps) environment has. Every Metro app is by its nature ‘sandboxed’, it has only limited possibilities to communicate with Windows ecosystem. None of these limitations exist in the old good Windows Desktop. The most significant limitation for Clipa.Vu Metro versions (Free, Lite, Pro) is the fact that these versions are unable to collect your clips automatically. That is why Clipa.Vu for WINDOWS DESKTOP has been developed – a MUCH MORE POWERFUL Windows utility. You are welcome to try it out – it can be downloaded on our site On you can see that many other features make the desktop version the superior one (fast keyboard shortcuts, direct pasting, very soon also formatted text support, etc, etc). I am trying to be responsive on EVERY user feedback, please write to if needed. Best regards, Jan

  2. leigen

    This very positive review is in my experience even an understatement. Of all the apps, utilities or other programs, there is none that I use as often as Clipa Vu. While the time saved algorithm is not precise, you don’t even need it to tell that you are working much more efficiently. There are a variety of settings so that I could “tune” the app to my particular work style. Click on the little settings icon at the top.

    Spend the $7.77 for the Pro Desktop version. It is the best value relative to usage that I have ever seen in over 20 years of PC work and programming.

    There are a few things that could be improved like adding key code shortcuts for the major functions, but they are minor and it seems like the author is constantly improving and adding new features.

    Three recommendations I would make to the heavy user which will be most of us after we see what it can do. Change the default settings so that the Deja Vu window stays on top and is always visible. You can always disappear it with the Esc key, but it is most useful if avaialble most of the time. Second, use the “Mini” display as that takes up the least real estate on your screen. Last, and most important, for some reason the default setting has the most convenient paste going to the Regular Windows clipboard. Then you paste it from there. But you can change the setting so that the paste goes directly to the application which is the way most of us use it. At first I thought that it took two operations to paste to another application but if you change your setting, you may directly paste into the applciation OR do that and also paste into the Windows clipboard at the same time.

    If there is one acquisition Microsoft should make is to buy this company and make Deja Vu a standard part of Windows or Office.