iFrogz Tumble Review: A Child’s iPad Case

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If you have children, they undoubtedly want to use your iPad. And you probably feel a qualm whenever you hand it over — Apple’s tablet is easily broken.

But there’s a solution for those who want to let their offspring play with an iPad without shattering the screen: the iFrogz Tumble.

Build & Design

iFrogz TumbleThis case basically converts the iPad into “My First Tablet”. It wraps the device in a thick, spongy protective shell.

The Tumble is made of a light-weight plastic that doesn’t make this device too heavy for little hands. But it’s definitely bulky — this case is roughly four times as thick as the iPad alone, and thanks to the handle it is much wider.

The best part of this accessory is that handle, though. It’s big enough that the device is easy to carry around, and can also fold to one side to act as a stand. This means you can easily prop your iPad up and play a video on it. It’s relatively steady like this, so a bump or two won’t knock it over.

Ports: There are openings in the Tumble that expose the tablet’s camera, volume buttons, speaker, and audio port. The Power button is hard to get to, though, almost buried. I don’t think a small child would be able to push it. Fortunately, the Home button can be used to turn the iPad on.

Speaking of the Home Button, it’s covered by the Tumble but still quite usable. The charging/data port is covered by a door that opens easily, so you don’t have to remove the tablet from the case to charge it with a cable.


ZAGG, the maker of the Tumble, makes no specific claims about how much abuse this accessory can take. Still, the company promises “extreme protection for anything your kids can dish out”.

That sounds like hyperbole, but this case certainly provides better-than-average protection — even better than what’s offered by most cases designed for adults. An iPad in the Tumble is vastly safer than one without any outside protection at all.

The Tumble is textured in such a way that its easy to hold, and the handle even more so. A “naked” iPad is actually quite slick — adults drop them, and I’m not surprised children are even more likely to do so.

iFrogz TumbleIf/when it does get dropped, the firm foam that this accessory is made of has been designed to absorb the impact, protecting the fragile device inside.

The Tumble does have some limitations. The case makes no attempt at being water proof, so it is little help with spilled liquids.

Also, it isn’t universal protection against scratches to the screen. If the iPad slides face-down across the kitchen floor, it’s going to be fine. On the other hand, the Tumble isn’t going to be any help if a child starts touching the screen with something besides their fingers — like maybe a fork.


Children love the Apple iPad — the touchscreen makes so much more sense to them than a mouse with a cursor. A tablet can be a great learning tool, and a tremendous source of entertainment as well.

But just about all computers are fragile and expensive, and no one wants to have to replace one after a Little Johnny accidentally drops it down the stairs.

That’s where the iFrogz Tumble comes in. It provides some peace of mind that when your budding genius is stretching his mind the typical clumsiness of children isn’t going to result in an iPad-related disaster.

This accessory is $50, which is typical for a high-quality case. It works on the Apple iPad 3 and iPad 4.



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