Kensington Accessory Reviews

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We recently reviewed Kensington’s entire fall lineup of mobile computing accessories on our notebook site. Here’s a quick rundown of what we tested. Of course these are designed to work with notebooks and Tablet PCs to make our mobile life a little easier, or in some cases, more stylish.


Kensington Si750m Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse Review

If you ask most people, "What is one of the most annoying things about owning a laptop?" A large portion of them will reply with the same answer, "using the touchpad". However, this problem can be easily remedied by purchasing the Kensington Si750m Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse.


Kensington Ci65m Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse Review

Kensington has been a mainstay in notebook accessories market for a long time, and their experience shows in its Ci65m Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse. Available at many online retailers and brick and mortar stores, the Ci65m has a retail price of $29.99 USD. Included with the mouse are the USB adapter, two AA batteries, and a small manual that details how to make a connection, where to get the optional MouseWorks software, and an explanation of the five-year limited warranty.


Kensington Ci25m Notebook Optical Mouse Review

Touchpads and pointing sticks just aren’t as easy to use as a mouse, so a mouse will continue to go along with portable notebook computers for the ride. With wireless mice seemingly taking over the portable market, and taking into account my previous bad luck with that breed, I’m happy to see a low-priced corded mouse like the Kensington Ci25m on the market.


Kensington Si650m Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse Review

The Kensington Si650m is a new wireless Notebook Mouse from Kensington for those of you yearning to break free from the constraints that a corded mouse provides while on the go. Being a current happy Kensington Notebook Mouse owner, I was interested in seeing how the new mouse would stack up. The Si650m is a good choice for those looking for an inexpensive wireless notebook mouse.


Kensington Contour Terrain Notebook Backpack Review

The Kensington Contour Terrain Notebook Backpack is a new offering in Kensington’s product line up. Designed to hold 15.4" notebooks and still be able to carry plenty of extras, this $49.99 backpack is a solid offering that should interest students, executives, and travelers alike.


Kensington Contour Cargo Notebook Case Review

If you’ve been reading the site lately, you’ve surely seen some bags that feature Kensington’s "Contour" feature. The Kensington Contour Cargo Notebook Case is another one, but one that has a little bit more style, in my opinion, than your "standard black bag". It’s also very lightweight and has some great features that let you keep your possessions organized and easy to access.


Kensington Contour Traveler Notebook Backpack Review

The Kensington Contour Traveler Backpack respects the professional look of the business audience enabling them to carry their midsized notebooks with the tools for work and play with the ease and comfort of a backpack.


Kensington Contour Balance Notebook Case Review

The Kensington Contour Notebook Case is a new offering in Kensington’s product line up. Designed to hold a 15.4" laptop, several accessories, and a light load of notebooks and other essential school/business supplies, this $69.99 notebook case is perfect for people from a variety of lifestyles.


Kensington Combination Notebook Lock Review

How would your life change if your laptop was stolen? Do you have family photos on it from your last vacation that haven’t been backed up yet? Do you have an ever important work presentation you just finished, but haven’t emailed in yet? What if such a simple deterrent such as a laptop lock could have prevented your laptop from being swiped when you weren’t looking?


Kensington MicroSaver DS Notebook Lock Review

Various software has appeared recently to help prevent or recover from laptop theft, but in many cases, it can be disabled simply by erasing or replacing the hard drive, so a hardware solution makes for a more sensible approach. The most popular hardware protection device is the notebook lock.


Kensington Pocket Hub Mini 2.0 Review

If you are like me, you use many different devices with your notebook, such as a printer, external mouse and keyboard, thumb drive, MP3 player, external hard drive, and so on. What do all of these have in common? They all use USB, and you can quickly run out of ports if you need to use several of those devices at once. The Kensington PocketHub Mini 2.0, which retails at $19.99 USD, tries to fill this need. So let’s see how it does!



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