Trident Aegis and M-Edge Executive Jacket NOOK Color Case Reviews

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With eReaders becoming more and more popular, it stands to reason that eReader cases will become more popular as well. With their large screens, electronic reading devices are relatively delicate and need to be protected. Today we’re covering two very different cases for the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color, the Trident Aegis and the M-Edge Executive Jacket.

The Trident Aegis NOOK Color Case

Trident Aegis for Nook ColorIf you’re the sort who typically buys an OtterBox case for your mobile devices, this case should immediately put you at ease. It’s ultra-protective, and features an inner silicone sleeve that completely covers the back and sides of the device. A more rigid polycarbonate overlay snaps on top of the silicone cover, enhancing your grip and giving it extra durability. It also comes with a full-screen protector, installation card, and screen cleaning cloth, which is a nice bonus. Considering that Barnes & Noble charges $16.95 for a screen protector two pack, that’s an extra $8.50 in value.

Almost all of the ports and controls are completely covered for maximum protection, which is nice. When you want to access the charge/sync port or the headphone jack at the top right corner of the device, you can pop open the small flap that covers each one. There’s even a little door on the back left corner of the case that allows you to open the secret compartment on the NOOK Color that hides the SD memory expansion card.

The power button and volume buttons can be used right through the case, just by pressing in the right spot. It takes a little more pressure, of course, but it’s easy to do and is by no means unreasonably difficult. The NOOK button at the bottom of the screen is the only button that isn’t covered by the case.

Trident Aegis for Nook ColorThe workmanship and materials used to make this case are of exceptionally high quality. The inner silicone case is thick, and I appreciate how the edges are beveled away from the screen so that I won’t be distracted by the case when I’m trying to read.

I didn’t feel any rough spots at any point, and the case fits perfectly. Installation was rather simple, except that I found the snap on back cover to be a little difficult to get into place, since it fits so tightly.

Of course this case isn’t for everyone, because it does add a substantial amount of weight to the NOOK Color device. I like it because I enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing my device is protected from almost any hazard. I would like to see an optional snap on front cover that would protect the delicate screen of the NOOK Color when I toss it in another bag, but that’s the only major shortcoming I could come up with for this review.

The Aegis case is available in your choice of pink, red, yellow, blue, green, or black, each of which features a black inner sleeve and the snap on cover of your choice. The price is $39.95, and it’s well worth the money for folks who are looking for an ultra-durable, ultra-protective case for their NOOK Color device.

M-Edge NOOK Color Executive Jacket

M-Edge Executive Jacket for Nook ColorThis NOOK Color case takes a completely different approach from the Aegis, instead looking more like a small notetaker’s portfolio than a space-age mobile eReader case. The exterior of the case is microfiber leather, with a  nice fabric inlay in the middle of the case and a tab closure.

Pull out the tab and you’ll find that the interior is a very soft microsuede that will definitely cushion your NOOKcolor. The left side of the case features two pockets, one large (suitable for receipts and notes) and one small (for business cards).

The device itself is secured in a leather yoke that holds it securely. All you have to do is slide the device in from the left side of the yoke. There is a good amount of material on the top, right side, and bottom of the device, with cutouts as necessary for the charge/sync port and headphone jack.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for Nook ColorWhen the case is securely closed, the NOOK Color is almost completely protected. While the corners are exposed, and the device could suffer some cosmetic damage from keys or other loose items in your bag, the delicate screen is well protected from harm. I especially like the fabric “channel” for the tab closure, which adds a nice design touch without being over the top.

The front cover of the case folds back behind the device when it’s time to read. It was a little stiff when I first got the case, but after several days of use the spine has loosened up just a bit so it’s easier to fold back. You can tuck the tab back as well, securing the folded-back front cover to the back of the case and making it easier to hold.

Though seven different color choices are shown on the M-Edge web site, only the purple option is currently available for purchase. The price seems a bit high at $44.99, but the quality is top notch and those looking for a book-style case for their NOOK Color certainly won’t be disappointed. That’s especially true when compared against the prices for the covers offered by Barnes & Noble, which range from $30 to $50, none of which include interior pockets.



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