Xpad Laptop Cooling Pad and Heatshield Review

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The Xpad isn’t your typical laptop cooling pad, in fact it has no fans. That is one of the unique features of this cooling pad, besides its lightweight portable design. For those users unfamiliar with the Xpad, it’s a portable non-slip laptop pad that cools the laptop while protecting the user from heat.

Front view of the Xpad cooling pad. (view large image)

I’ll have to say upon first look the Xpad doesn’t look like much, but it does allow for better airflow to your notebook. I have never used a USB cooling pad with fans, so I can’t say that this one is better, but I can give you the facts on how the Xpad performs. The Xpad is said to keep your laptop up to 30 degrees cooler, I would say more like 15 degrees, but I guess it depends on your computer.


The Xpad has three layers of thermal insulation, with insulative air pockets inside , which protect you from the heat. Its ABS composite structure creates a strong lightweight platform that has no flex. In only weighs about one pound, so it is easy to take with you on those trips. It is kind of tricky to get it into your bag though, since it doesn’t fold up like some of the other cooling pads that have fans.

Side view of the Xpad as you can see it isn’t very thick. (view large image)

One thing I liked about the Xpad was the soft bottom layer, which also serves as the third layer of heat insulation. It adds a little cushion to your lap when holding you notebook and it keeps the notebook in place. Having a size of 13"x 10.5" x 0.66" (WxHxD), the Xpad is made to fit laptops with up to 17 inch screens, so you don’t have to worry about your notebook being to big.

Bottom of the Xpad is made of EVA padding, nice and soft. (view large image)

As I mentioned before the Xpad doesn’t use any fans to cool your laptop. Laptops have been engineered so they can cool themselves, although some do this better than others. A laptops cooling system is designed to inhale cool air and exhale hot air through ventilation holes using its own cooling fans. The Xpad provides extra breathing room for your laptop with the ‘X’ pattern ventilation channel, so it doesn’t restrict the natural airflow of your laptop. Therefore the Xpad doesn’t interfere with your laptops cooling system.

My Asus R1 sitting on the Xpad. (view large image)

Back view of my Tablet sitting on the Xpad, you can see the ‘X’ ventilation pattern allows for better airflow. (view large image)

The rubber feet on the bottom of your laptop sit on top of the ‘X’ pattern rubber pads on the Xpad. The rubber feet provide clearance between the bottom of the laptop and the ‘X’ pattern rubber pads, so nothing is blocked on the bottom of your computer, which helps keep it cooler.

The laptops rubber feet and ‘X’ pattern rubber pads create a high friction rubber-on-rubber contact to provide a non-slip interface. It actually works quite well, in fact my R1 barely moved while on the Xpad. You just have to be careful if you hold your laptop on your lap because it does slide around then, but on a desk it is sturdy as can be.


The Xpad has no battery draining fans or extra power cords to deal with, which is nice especially when traveling. Overall the Xpad does serve its purpose of keeping your laptop cooler, but it is a little expensive at $24.95. If you buy it in bulk orders though there is a discount. I really don’t know why anyone would buy these in bulk, unless it were a business. However one neat thing is that the Xpad’s EVA padded bottom is customizable, so if you did order in bulk you could have your company’s logo printed on the bottom.


  • The Xpad is lightweight.
  • The ‘X’ pattern surface holds your laptop in place and allows for better airflow than standard.
  • The Xpad is sturdy and holds laptops up to 17"screen size.


  • The Xpad is expensive.
  • The Xpad doesn’t fold up, so it doesn’t fit in all notebook bags.
  • The Xpad isn’t available in any other sizes or colors.

The Xpad is available now for $24.95, but if you buy them in bulk there is a discount, which saves you about half depending on how many you order. For more information or to order check out Xpad’s website.



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