Holiday Guide 2011

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Tablets For the Family, In All Shapes and Prices

This holiday season, tablets will no longer be the hallmark of gadget geeks money to spare, thanks mainly to the emerging market of low-cost, user-friendly devices, namely the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet. Of course, those looking for a bit from their tablet will have an assortment of quality devices from which to choose, from the market leading iPad 2 to Honeycomb tablets ranging in size and features, not to mention quality Windows 7 tablets as well as a few older models that will undoubtedly be marked down for clearance.

For the 2011 Holiday season, TabletPCReview takes a close look at the season’s best and breaks down an increasingly complex market to help you find the right device for your needs. We’ll also look to the near future to see what the next generation of tablets, which will launch shortly after Christmas, will look like. With the current generation of devices about to be replaced by newer and more powerful models, you may want to wait to buy your holiday tablet.

Top Tablets for the Holiday Shopping Season 
Unlike last year, when consumer options were limited to the original iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab (and not much else), there are now excellent tablet options in all sizes, prices, and operating environments, meaning there is a tablet for every type of user, from content consumers to business road warriors looking for a mobile and productive machine. It doesn’t make sense to lump all these tablets together in one list, so TabletPCReview presents the top Holiday tablets by type.

Buying a Tablet for the Holidays? You Might Want to Wait
The holidays are here, and tablets will undoubtedly be on wish lists. But with the next generation of queued up for a CES 2012 unveiling in January, and the iPad 3 likely for launch soon thereafter, is now a good time to buy a tablet?TabletPCReview looks to answer this pressing holiday question by examining what we know about the next generation of tablets (and what we think we know). What new features they will bring to the market?

Kindle Fire and NOOK Tablet: The Hidden Cost of Low Cost Tablets
This holiday season, beware the total cost of low cost tablets. Both the Kindle Fire and NOOK Tablet have attractive price points, but both devices rely on streaming content services that require a subscription that adds significantly to the total cost of ownership.

What is the Best eReader, A New Kindle or NOOK?
This is the year of the “eBook”, simply because eBook reader devices have gotten so inexpensive, finally hitting that sub-$100 mark. But how do you choose a device when there are so many available, each with different features?

Great Accessory Gadgets for the Apple iPad
Out of all the hordes of accessories available by now for the iPad, some are really cool, others, not as much. Whether you’re doing your holiday shopping, or just looking around for yourself, here are 12 innovative/fun/cool iPad add-on gizmos.

More Resources for Your Holiday Shopping

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Kindle Fire vs. NOOK Tablet Head-to-Head
The major tablet showdown for the holidays is between the Kindle Fire and the NOOK Tablet, both affordably-priced entry-level tablets. So which one has the edge? We take a look at the facts and help you decide which one is right for you and your needs. Read on for some answers.

What are the Essential iPad Apps?
If you’ve got your heart set on picking up an iPad for the holidays, you better get to researching which are the best apps to download on your new device, because there are plenty to choose from. But we’re here to help: we’ve pulled together a list of must-have iPad apps, both paid and free. Whether they’re for productivity, entertainment, or communication, these are the apps that any iPad user can’t be without.