Review w/ Photos – Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121 Tablet PC

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Review – Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121 Tablet PC

by: Jim Gilliam

Editor’s Note:  We would like to thank Jim Gilliam, who has taken the time to submit his review of the Fujitsu ST4121.  We asked him to send some pictures as well, and here we have compiled Jim’s review and photos for all readers to enjoy.  Thanks Jim for a splendid job!

Shortly after unpacking the Fujitsu ST4121, I was immediately able to use it. The interactive tutorials helped me through the relatively short learning curve from desktop and laptop PCs to the Tablet PC. The learning curve is not difficult and if it is for some users, then there are in-depth tutorials available. The Fujitsu ST4121 is easy to hold in my arms or hands. It is comfortable, lightweight, and sleek compared to other models I considered.

Fujitsu seems to be the leader in comfort and convenience in the Tablet PC. I already want the 5000 series! The accessories on the ST4121 are conveniently located and useful without being intrusive. One concern, however, I have is the stylus. Specifically, the location of the stylus buttons that imitate some mouse functions. I am constantly reminding myself to not press the buttons by accident while writing with the stylus. I m unsure at this point whether or not other stylus work with the ST4121.

I am also concerned with the crispness of the display. The display is good, I would not say excellent. But the Fujitsu does outperform the Toshiba M205; when I changed the M205 to 1024×768, the clarity and crispness seemed to vanish. I am hoping that the ST5000 series Fujitsu has just put out have better vividness than the ST4121 does. Testing that theory, however, is expensive! I want to see the ST5000 Tablet PC Fujitsu has on the market, but none are on display in CompUSA, BestBuy, or Circuit City. All of these stores carry the Toshiba M205 models only in Little Rock, Arkansas of course, my geographic location could be the culprit to the availability of Tablet PCs! 😉

As a technical writer, I plan on using my ST4121 for multiple tasks from web development projects to writing my Ph.D. dissertation, so we ll see how my Fujitsu runs multiple applications in some of my intense development tests.

Of course the ST4121 has standard wireless built-in; which is quite awesome the speed I get from the ST4121 s wireless connection seems quite close to my actual Ethernet wired connection. Interestingly, I m writing this review using the ST4121! I opted for the indoor/outdoor display because I love writing and reading while I am outdoors. The Fujitsu is perfect for me.

Once I get a little more experience using the handwriting recognition from Microsoft, everything should be fine. Or, perhaps I should say when Microsoft develops a more intuitive handwriting recognition technology. My advice for successfully using the WriteAnywhere option is to visually disregard the animated lines that pop up constantly while you move your stylus well, on second thought-while writing or maybe I should just focus on the lines to keep my text inline. I am not completely sure which of us should comprise more. Microsoft definitely needs to pour more development dollars into the handwriting technology this is the first time I ve used it, and I m already addicted! I hypothesize that I am getting an 80% accurate conversion rate; and I have horrible scribble for handwriting. All Tablet PCs will have problems accurately converting handwriting into text until Microsoft refines this incredible technology further you re getting close Microsoft! But digress from Fujitsu s ST4121, which is what this review is about, not Microsoft.

Fujitsu s standard docking station for the ST4121 is a must I think. The station is convenient and very worthwhile, as is the optical wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. I can instantly pull the ST4121 out of its docking station to finish working on my project while I am lying on the sofa and watching television.

With the exception of the crispness of the display quality on the ST4121, I highly recommend this unit for writers, students (especially at the college or post-graduate level), and my wonderful sister, Debbie, who cannot type well at all! 😉

Pros: nice design and comfortable; lightweight is an A at 3.2 lbs; optional high-capacity battery that other companies do not offer; standard battery charges fast.

Cons: expensive screen protectors (which you ll need plenty of); expensive high-capacity battery; buttons on the stylus are in an awkward location; standard battery does not last long; the display lacks vivid colors and crispness.


Editor’s Note:  “OFF THE RECORD” – Jim sent along some follow up comments to this review.  The following notes from Jim concerning the extended battery from Fujitsu are not quite as positive as the overall review of the unit.  Those who are considering purchasing the Fujitsu Tablet may wish to read further!

“…The high-capacity battery costs around $170.
I just received the extended battery for the 4121 (the battery that lasts about 8.5+ hours for a
full work day)… while I love the added battery life, I am HIGHLY disappointed that with the 
hi-capacity battery installed, the 4121 WILL NOT
dock to the docking station!  The extra battery length (at the bottom of the
unit) makes it to where the unit will not fit into the docking station….
and from what I can see, there’s no way to adjust the docking station mount
to accomodate this hi-capacity battery.
Barry, unless I’m missing something here, Fujitsu deserves an “F” for this
“luxury” (hi-capacity battery)…. so if i ever want to dock my unit, I must
unplug the hi-capacity battery…. I cannot believe Fujitsu would do this,
and not even make the docking station adjustable to accommodate the battery
(that fits quite nicely in the unit, btw)… UGH!”

Final Editor’s Note:  Umm… Note to self, I think I would skip the high-capacity battery!  Thanks again JIM!  Great Job.



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