Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5: Conclusion

October 14, 2014 by Adama D. Brown Reads (218,788)
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is not just a great tablet; it’s arguably the best tablet on the market today. Only the iPad Air and Samsung’s own Galaxy Notes come close, and even then the Tab S easily wins in screen quality and memory expansion.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 -- Magazine UX

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

The included memory is a little scanty, but with expansion available for up to 128 GB — and 64 GB cards available for less than $35 — that’s practically moot.

It’s price is comparable to similar high-end models, such as the iPad Air.

It’s hard to imagine anyone seriously regretting picking up the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, except maybe by virtue of being ruined for other tablets.


  • Superb screen
  • Solid specs
  • Excellent battery life
  • Expandable memory
  • Multiple users


  • Magazine UX customizations can be annoying
  • Lots of unneeded third-party software
  • No NFC

Bottom Line:

A superb AMOLED display, slim design, and great performance make the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 the best tablet on the market today. Adding LTE makes it even better.



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  1. BigLakeSailor

    This Tablet is a piece of garbage that is poorly made and is not backed up by Samsung. I purchased the tablet on 11/4/2014 and kept in a pocket is my padfolio. The tablet had a cover and was never dropped, banged or any other impact damage. In early December I took out the tablet and notices the glass was cracked across the entire screen. One single crack. There was no impact marks or any other indication of damage. I brought the tablet to the Samsung booth and Best Buy and the representative looked at it and said it looked like a defective glass but since it was a4G he couldn’t do anything. He gave me the number to send it in for repair. I called and got an RA and was told that once they inspected it and determined it was defective they would repair as a warranty repair. Well I soon discovered that all that was a lie. I sent it in and 3 days later got an email and bill for $258.72 for repair indicating that it was out of Warranty. When I contacted the Samsung Customer I-Don’t-Care I was told that it was out of warranty and it would be charged to fix. When I said that it was purchased on 11/4 she responded that I could send a receipt but that would not matter since they would charge to repair the screen. I said what about warranty repair and she responded that she could reduce the charge to $150 but since the unit was broken they had to charge to fix. When I stated that it was broken because it was defective she said that was all she could do and wanted my credit card. I declined. This is total Bull S***T. What kind of warranty charges to fix the item? I will get the tablet back and probably use it for target practice. Never again Samsung. You need to learn as a company that when you lie to customers and cheat them they don’t want to deal with you anymore!

    I just received the tablet back from Samsung and there is one more crack in the screen!!! They put another crack in it!!!!

    Update: I posted a review on the Samsung site stating that the screen broke and they would not consider backing it up. I received an email from Samsung stating that my review was rejected. It seems unless you have a good review for their products they will not publish them. What does that tell you about the company?

    Update: After complaining to Samsung that when they returned my tablet they broke the screen even further I was told to send it back for repair. Well today I got the confirmation on the repair and a bill for $258.00 to fix what they broke!!! You have to stay away from this company.

  2. MichelMerlin

    Too thin tablets are FRAGILE and DANGEROUS
    ~–~–~–~ -~–~–~- ~–~–~–~ -~–~–~–
    1. Too thin = too FRAGILE
    I am NOT surprised by “BigLakeSailor” report of 19 Jan 2015. See
    Comparing Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100, Tab S 8.4 LTE, Tab S 10.5 LTE
    The last one (Tab S 10.5 LTE) is 37 times as long as thick. This can’t help making extremely prone to breaking as soon as you put even a very light pression over it. Which probably happened to poor “BigLakeSailor”.
    By comparison my Note II n7100, already very thin, is “only” 16 times as long as thick.

    2. Too thin = acts as a BLADE
    Some 4 or 5 decades ago I had a friend badly injured in a car accident that should have been benign. But he was listening to a radio set of that era, that he was holding in his hands on his lap. The set entered him and caused bad damages to his internal organs.
    Now just imagine what can do a “radio set” which in addition is 37 times thinner than long, while very sturdy… acting nearly as a knife blade.

    I think makers should better optimize thinness. Sure making devices thin is good, but keep them reasonable please. By making the Tab S 10.5 LTE moderately thicker, say 12mm instead of 6.6mm, makers would be able to make them at the same time STURDIER and LIGHTER, as well as easier to maintain (more room around elements inside).

    Versailles, Sun 19 Jul 2015 18:35:00 +0200