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10.5-inch iPad Pro: What We Think We Know

By Ed Hardy  -  

Apple is reportedly prepping a new tablet with a screen size between the two current iPad Pro models. Rumors of this 10.5-inch model have been circulating since last fall, and the debut is supposedly finally coming next week. Read Full Article

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Microsoft’s Panos Panay Promises “Meaningful Change” in Surface Pro Next

Microsoft's VP of Devices may have indicated that the wait for the Surface Pro 5 will be longer than some people hope, as it's not just an incremental upgrade. Read full article

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Microsoft Surface 3 Going Out of Production; Will There Be a Surface 4?

Microsoft has officially said that it will stop making the Surface 3 tablet at the end of this year. What does this mean for a replacement? Read full article

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Google’s Chrome OS Could Replace Android on Full-Size Tablets

The first tablet running Google's Chrome OS could be on the market soon, and it's possible this operating system will eventually supplant Android on large tablets. Read full article

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Delta, Jet Blue First to Allow Travelers to Use Tablets During Takeoffs and Landings

The FAA has officially rescinded the rule preventing the use of electronic devices below 10,000 feet. Delta and Jet Blue have quickly moved to allow this on their planes. Read full article

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‘Mobile’ for Tablets and Smartphones Is Not the Same as ‘Mobile’ for Laptops

In a guest editorial for BrianMadden.com, Colin Steele writes that the way in which a laptop is mobile and the way in which a smartphone or tablet is mobile are[...] Read full article

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Apple iPad Users Generate More In-Home Data Traffic than Any Other Computer

iPad users are on the Web a lot when they are at home. This tablet generates more traffic than any other computer, according to a study of in-home broadband data[...] Read full article

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Next-Gen Windows 8 Tablets Will Nearly Eliminate Windows RT

Windows 8 tablets with Intel's Bay Trail processor are going to offer performance and battery life that will drastically reduce demand for Windows RT. Read full article

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Windows Tablets Will Outsell Laptops

In this editorial, TabletPCReview's Site Editor explains why he thinks the success of the Windows tablet category is inevitable. Read full article

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Apple iOS 6 Makes iPad Users More Productive

Many people use an iPad instead of a bulkier laptop The new version of Apple's operating system offers a number of improvements for this group. Read full article

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Google Loses in Samsung vs. Apple Lawsuit

Samsung is the obvious loser in its patent lawsuit with Apple, although Google and its Android OS, as well as tablets, may also be in the line of fire. [...] Read full article