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Best Windows 8.1 Apps: TouchMail

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Windows 8.1 users deserve a mail app that meets the operating system’s high aesthetic qualities, one with touch, swipe, and mouse-friendly features that plays well on both a tablet and notebook. They deserve TouchMail. Read Full Article

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Tablets Present Benefits and Risks for At-Home Learning

Experts tout the benefits of tablets in education, but using tablets for at-home learning can be difficult because kids would rather use them for fun. Read full article

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How to Choose the Best Deals for Cloud Storage

With so many cloud storage options at various prices, it's tough to determine which would work best for you and your wallet. TabletPC Review brings you this guide to help[...] Read full article

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Apple Lists Top Reasons Why iOS App Submissions Are Rejected

Before iPad/iPhone applications can appear in the App Store they have to undergo an approval process. Apple has revealed the top reasons why apps get rejected. Read full article

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Read All the Ebooks You Want for $10 with Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has begun offering Kindle Unlimited, a new subscription service giving users “all you can eat” access to a selection ebooks for a flat monthly fee of $9.99. Read full article

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Samsung Knox to Co-exist with Android’s Secure Container Knockoff

Samsung forges ahead with its Knox enterprise mobility management (EMM) tool, despite a free Knox knockoff in Google Android L. More details are available from SearchConsumerization. Read full article

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How To Back Up Your Social/Cloud Data: FaceBook, Twitter, Gmail, and More

You may have backed up your home computer, but what about your social media accounts? NotebookReview takes a closer look at options for saving all your online activities. Read full article

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Who Needs Aereo? These Cloud TV Services Do the Same Thing

The Supreme Court shut down the streaming TV service Aereo. Fortunately, there are alternatives for watching live TV on a mobile device that are completely legal. Read full article

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Adobe Releases iPad Stylus and Drawing Tool for New Tablet Apps

Adobe has entered the hardware market as it introduced two accessories, Adobe Ink and Adobe Slide, to compliment a set of new iPad apps designed to make it easier to[...] Read full article

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Microsoft Office for iPad vs. Office for Windows Tablet

Microsoft designed Office for iPad specifically to run on tablets, while the Windows version of this suite was not. Does that make the iPad version better? Read full article

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Split-Screen Multitasking for the iPad in iOS 8 Would Be a Gamechanger

One thing holding back the iPad is its inability to display more than one app at a time. It's possible this limitation will be removed soon, however. Read full article