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BlackBerry Messenger Headed for iPad and Android

An announcement was made today that fans of BlackBerry Messenger have been hoping for for years: a version of BBM is going to be introduced for devices running iOS and[...] Read full article

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BlackBerry CEO Says Tablets Will Be Gone in Five Years

With BlackBerry in the process of remaking itself, there have been questions about whether there will be a successor to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. A recent interview with CEO Thorsten[...] Read full article

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D-Link DIR-505 SharePort Mobile Companion Quick Review

How about a portable 802.11n access point/router you can hold in your hand? NotebookReview has a review. Read full article

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BYOD Security Concerns: Perception vs. Reality

Our sister site SearchConsumerization has an interview with Matt Kosht, IT manager at SEMCO Energy, in which he argues that IT departments don't need to have total control of employees'[...] Read full article

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BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Might Be Coming This Year

Executives at BlackBerry need to get their stories straight. This week, the company CEO seemed to indicate that a tablet is a remote possibility, while another exec said a PlayBook[...] Read full article

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Smaller Tablets Selling Better Than Expected; IDC Pushes Up 2013 Estimate by 10%

Smaller, cheaper tablets are doing well. So well, that the Market-analysis firm IDC has raised its estimates for how many tablets will ship this year by 10%. Read full article

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Small Businesses Adoping Tablets in a Big Way

Small businesses are embracing tablets, and the Apple iPad in particular. IDC is predicting that companies with less than 100 employees will have 10.4 million tablets by the end of[...] Read full article

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How to Secure Your Home Wireless Network

It's the rare tablet user who doesn't have a Wi-Fi network. TechnologyGuide has tips to keeping yours secure Read full article

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Tablets Continue to Cut Into Sales of Laptops and PCs

The types of computers that people buy is changing. Sales of tablets are surging even as interest in more traditional computers wanes, according to a report from IDC. Read full article

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FCC Proposes Free National Wi-Fi Network

Imagine being connected to the Internet at all times and not having to pay a wireless carrier to do so? Well, that's what the FCC is looking to do, following[...] Read full article