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What Are the Best Apple iPad Games?

TechnologyGuide's E3 coverage kicks off next week as the gaming showcase opens in downtown LA. But before getting to the best iPad games of tomorrow, let's take a look at[...] Read full article

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What Are the Best Honeycomb Games?

With E3 literally days away, TabletPCReview takes a look at the current Honeycomb offerings to see which games impressed the most. Even though Apple still has Android beat in terms[...] Read full article

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The Infinity Blade Update: Hands-On Review

The massive update for Infinity Blade is here, bringing with it a bunch of new features, but none as important as the all-new multiplayer arena mode. Does the update bring[...] Read full article

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Back to the Future: Episodes One and Two Review

Telltale Games has established themselves as the go-to company for adventure games, but "Back to the Future" is only one of a handful of titles that the developer has released[...] Read full article

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Griffin GuitarConnect Cable and iShred Live for iPad 2 Review

Griffin Technology has developed a unique iPad 2 accessory: a cable that runs directly from a guitar into the tablet, potentially turning it into a musician's best friend. We tested[...] Read full article

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12 Best iPad Photo Apps

Over the last three weeks we've reviewed dozens of photography apps for the iPad. Now we highlight the Top 12 iPad apps for easily editing, enhancing, and sharing your photos. Read full article